Afker in Outpost Using Auto-Clicker - Screen Shot

This guy “Somnr” is afking in outpost rush all day with an auto clicker to left click occasionally to avoid getting kicked. You guys going to do something about this? Somnr is on Camelot server.

I think I speak for all players of new world when I say that these actions should be perma-bannable. None of us want to play with people like this that just try to leech at every chance they get. If you roll back their rewards and give them a 1 day ban, they’ll just find another way to leech in a different part of the game.

Please take a FIRM stance against actions like this. End this afk and leech behavior once and for all. You can start with this guy that’s been afking all day with his autoclicker. He’s made it all the way to the bottom of the steps from his autoclicker slowly moving him forward every time he attacks.

Again please note the afker is Somnr, the guy standing next to him was reporting him and was not afk.

Ok no you don’t speak for all new world players. A perma ban is a bit steep for this.
Also what is this screenshot supposed to prove? It’s a still photo of another player? So what.


If you support people afking and leeching in pvp, then you’re probably one of them that’s just trying to defend it to avoid a ban. I think I speak for the majority of the players, if not all except the afkers themselves like you.

Touch grass karen

One week ban, two week ban, perma ban. That’s fair progression of a ban for something like this.


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