Afk_kicked from game while browsing the tradingpost

I just got kicked for being afk. I was actually browsing the trading post selling and buying. I was using my keyboard to set prices for my sell orders and mouse to browse.
While I understand this is anti-boters and the like, isn’t this a false positive?
Not sure if this is related to patch 1.0.2 but this is the first time i got afk-kicked while actually playing the game.

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Sounds like a bug?

its not a bug it s new patch you need to move non stop or you get afk kick thats cool right ???
if you stay more then 2 min on 1 place you get kicked

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Market manipulation detected, kicking intensifies. Kidding I hope this isn’t a thing because I spend alot of time on the market.

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It’s not only browsing market problem. You can get kicked while fishing even during reeling in a fish!

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