After 368h of played time, I have no more fun playing New World

Hi to everyone,

I just want to say that I have no more fun playing New World.
I was there at the beginning and had a lot of fun playing with my friends to get lvl 60 and doing quest and pvp to get a settlement.

But now the only thing I can do is crafting or gathering to make some in game gold or running dungeon after dungeon to upgrade my gear score. Because I can only play on daytime, I can’t do PVP WAR because of the timing of them choose by the owner of each city. I can’t do Invasion for the same reasons and I can’t do outpost rush because there is no one in queued during daytime.

I was hoping for some new content: new area to explore, new dungeon, new quest and new reward. But the only update we will have in January is to upgrade your gear score to 625 and to do this we will have to run the same 3 dungeon a lot of time day after day.

The only thing that can get me to play again would be new content or a new fresh start pvp only server without the ability for people to transfer on it. this will help the economy and get all previous exploit off this server and will have fun with pvp action all day time.


Server Marrama

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I’m on board with this honestly.

Give this game one last chance. A fresh no faction FFA PVP server only people not targetable are company members or group members. This would require a group size increase as well.

Give this game one more chance before it’s gone, please.

And we can kill bots :slight_smile:

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Sorry to see you go. Please uninstall and delete your forum account on the way out. Thank you.

In my opinion, you clearly reached all your personal goals within the game, and that’s OK.

People should eventually quit playing or at least giving it a break. That’s OK too.

For me personally, my goals were collecting a full 600 legendary set, either by crafting them or from the trade post.

After I did that, I started leveling other weapons and trying different specs: this game is perfect for experimenting different playstyles.

And now I’m in a quest to grind all professions to 200. It’s fun but this is a long run. I find it super engaging playing the market, optimizing gathering rare and lucrative items instead of just farming same materials. I’m able to buy crafting mats with incredible deals with alternative recipes. This has been a huge challenge.

To be fair, I also would like to engage in wars and invasions, but due to my limited playing schedule, unfortunately I couldn’t join active companies nor attend to their schedules.

Wars and invasions seem to be extremely exciting content which I haven’t been able to experiment yet, other than watching youtube videos of it.

I’m currently reaching 1000 hours of game and for me this is the best game since world of warcraft the wrath of the lich king expansion.

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