After a player dies, add a short delay before allowing option to give up

The way the game is now, a player is presented with the option to give up immediately after dying. The problem is that the key to press to give up is E, which is also used for a lot of other things. As a light armor user who doesn’t have the best gear, I sometimes die very quickly and unexpectedly, and if something kills me right when I’m about to loot a chest, help another player up, make a tent my spawn point, etc, I end up pressing E to give up when I meant to do something else. It’s very frustrating when there’s plenty of people around who would have helped me up but I accidentally give myself a long walk to get back.

Adding a short delay of around a second between a player dying and a player being allowed to give up should be enough time to make sure a player doesn’t give up accidentally, and still be short enough to not be annoying when you want to give up right away. I’ve accidentally given up multiple times, and I doubt I’m the only one. Something like this would be a nice quality of life improvement for people like me.

You can change the assigned key to give up.
Maybe it helps you :slight_smile:

This is not a bad idea.

Personally, I also wouldn’t mind if there was some other options, like:

  1. Paying a certain amount of Azoth to be resurrected on the spot for maybe 15 seconds, to complete what I was doing. Maybe if you kill something within that time you get resurrected for good, but with low health.

  2. …maybe, building on the first point, if you manage to build a tent within 15 seconds you’ll be able to respawn there. That would require a player to carry some wood and flint at all times to be able to build the tent quickly.

  3. Becoming a ghost temporarily, so you can see what happens after you die. Maybe after 15 seconds or if you press E, you then get the respawn screen.

  4. Play some kind of mini-game to see if you get resurrected. The chances could be slim, as long as there’s a chance.

These are just some weird ideas I’ve had. Not sure if they’re good, but it’s what came to me while I was lying dead beside a corruption event I’d almost finished.

I think adding an ‘accept rez’ would be helpful as well. I can’t tell you how many times me or a buddy been killed right on respawn!

I didn’t realize giving up has it’s own key binding. This will work great. Thanks!

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