After Dev Blog Luck , do Weaponsmith Pants is affected by luck?

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This questions is simple , does luck affect item like weaponsmith pants on Maleovence boss ?

Thanks you for the long awaited dev post about luck , we needed that , but i didn’t find my answer in it .

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Near the top of [Dev Blog] Luck FAQ it implies that it does.

  • Here are some of the low-drop-chance items Global Luck helps you get:
    • Trade Skill Armors

However, it also says it is affected by Luck Safe…

What does Luck Safe mean?

Almost all global loot (outside of Void Essence) has something called Luck Safe applied to it which makes sure the luck % modifiers attached to a roll scale in a controlled manner. This is to make sure loot percentages for items won’t be modified wildly, making low-drop-chance items trivial to earn. It also ensures any item that is flagged as luck safe is earnable without having any luck modifier (although having a luck modifier improves your chances).

Which I can only assume means that Luck Safe stymies Global Luck to reduce the opportunity for certain items to drop, such as Weaponsmith pants. This leads me to believe that although additional luck will always “improve” your chances to get an item, that improvement has significant diminishing returns on the high levels of Global Luck. Although it’s implied that its a ratioed amount of luck(and that more luck will always be better), It could be that global luck and its effect on Luck Safe items could plateau, or very nearly plateau.

This is being done so that no matter how hard you try the odds of getting the drop will, for all intents and purposes, never reach above a certain %…so that a market cannot be flooded by items that are supposed to be rare. Even though our markets are flooded by semi-rare items that we mostly just throw away. I throw away so much stuff in this game that has niche purposes, mostly because I, and everyone else, have so many of those things, i.e. Arcanist Gloves and Chef Hats… This ultimately leads us all to farm 1 thing, over and over…Weaponsmith Pants.

Malevolence, if he’s going to drop a crazy rare thing, should only drop that one thing in that category/bucket, i.e. Weaponsmith pants. He should not have a “bucket” with Weaponsmith Pants and 9 other things…Those 9 other things should be spread out, similarly, items like Armorer Gloves shouldn’t be on every damn creature in malevolence, but if it does, as it does now, it definitely shouldn’t also drop on Malevolence, himself…

I really do wish the devs were more clear, they basically explained everything about luck except the things that mattered to the actual players trying to farm these crazy rare items…

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