After Great Cleave Nerf Open World became empty again. Way less people on the map, nobody flagged at all

Before the patch i had a blast just crossing the open world from First Light up to shattered mountain. Farming and fighting all over the world. Doing Faction quests on my way.
Thats the way I enjoy the game the most. And boy there was action on the map. Some places more some places less but you saw people everywhere.

However since the patch its empty. Im on dry tree and I did my weekly routes again from south to north from west to east all over Aeternum and I fought exactly one single person on the whole trip.

It was way more crowded before the patch and it was way more worth it.

Please check your metrics if you dont believe me. The open world is dead again.


Because people dont truely care about PVP. They only care about the rewards they can get from it. Thats why they choose the fastest thing possible, even if it isnt that much faster, versus what is supposedly the most fun pvp. I think nerfing it was a mistake but what I said is still true.

People do care about PvP but there has to be a place where the game encourages it. Since launch I’ve always seen players outside of WW dueling. However, this doesn’t even happen on medium pop servers anymore.

Other than that how do you expect players to PvP? No one flags up while gathering resources, they already have enough luck so why bother with PvP. No one flags up and actually explores the world because there is no where to go, nothing to do, no objective and no rewards. Every time there has been rewards for open world activities they have been nerfed to the ground. Then people on the forums cheer it on because to them it wasn’t enough PvP. The frustrating part is that they’re correct (PvP faction missions do suck) but they’re proposing the complete opposite of what should be done. They’d rather have no open world PvP than for the devs to improve the current system.

Oh no. Who could have seen that coming…