After playing WoW since 2005 and enjoying New World alot I understand that

I’ve been into MMO’s for a while and I’ve played WoW during it’s peak time, Vanilla (2005) and also TBC back in the days, enjoyed it, I was a bit younger aswell.

I’ve seen it develop throughout the ages and I saw how people started crying for changes, got those changes implemented and they started crying again, basically the same thing happened for years while they still claimed that their “issues” were ignored.

Now after a long period of time, I am enjoying New World, it’s a great game, I find it fun and I invest time in it but reading on this forum is just a confirmation that us, as humans, have no idea how to enjoy something.

The game’s been out for 2-3 weeks now and we’re already crying/concerning over stuff that the CASUAL player didn’t even have the chance to taste or pure nonsense that’s made only for attention.

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