After transfer cant play anymore game

hi so i transfer today from muziris server to midgard and lose me minds server full lag not imposible to even use shops game interface and general in game lag so i wana back to muziris server how i can back now?

Hello @Kozeris,

I’m sorry for issue you had with the server transfer, transferring again will require an additional token. Our team will continue monitoring world populations, queue times, and will evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free. After we are sure players have had plenty of time to find the right server for them, we will later make server transfer tokens available for purchase in the store. We will give notice ahead of time when tokens are changing to a paid service. You can review future updates on this link New World Update 1.0.3: Server Transfer Details - News | New World

You have a lovely day now.

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