After two years testing/playing... damn

Everyone should now be a max crafter at all weapon/armor skills.
That is the absolute META.
Unfortunately I am not a a crafter. Not my fun spot. Not from Ultima Online to now.

So many NW problems.
But the “crafted items not being affected” is the last straw.

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FTR, the other item that made me take a month off this summer was the addition of the Attunement Orbs that were going to go to the Cash Shop.

So because someone spent days and hundreds of thousands of gold of work getting a piece of gear they should be screwed because of not farming the system? Or they’re not lucky with their watermarking their BoP crafted pieces should just suddenly be horrible? I feel like you’re more upset you’re too lazy to benefit from this avenue of gear progression.


Lazy? I just dont like crafting. And that is the meta.
You already had me stonecutting to 200 to just do dungeons.
Hours of portals to do 30 mins of a dungeon… btw.

*and crafters make gold. And BOPU items. That’s their trade off.

just so we are on even ground. if the patch had not nerfed rates for PvE to get gear, would you still feel slighted?

Why? Just go with other players. And on most of the servers they sell keys. I get 10k for my Lazarus key: I join a grp, open the expedition, they pay me, I leave the group, they invite their 5th player and they enjoy the expedition with my key…

You are not forced to skill crafting… And with the new update, you still dont need crafting, you can keep farming your Expertise with PvE and PvP…

It would be DUMB not to craft. It is the meta of the game going forward.

And everybody is already leveling stonecutting.

Craft to win at everything, not just gold and bopu tems and any dungeon fun, but on getting all future watermarks to stick.

I got about 300k on Valgrind… anyone in need?

You just repeat, that this will be the meta xD But you dont mention any arguments…

With crafting you can get BiS, yes… But you dont need it to get BiS items, you have different ways.

You need to explain, why you are in panic ^^


This wasn’t a craft centric game for two years.

Now it is. Zero warning.

This wasn’t a watermak based equipment game for two years.

Now it is. Zero warning.

The Devs have never had any vision or forethought throughout the process and have failed with their communication non-stop.

I never wanted to play Crafter World.

that not true expete for some target farm crafter has it better i’m not wining i think that logical id even advocate for more control over the perk with it.

But is this an actual issu not so sure, lets talk about how pvper are suposed to get gear…

You really must be a crafter.

If you want that nice 600 GS IG that you can craft using ice core yes you need to level up arcana and same goes for everyspecial craft. Even if you could buy it you’l need a ridiculous ammount of money when pvper dosn’t get much (350/700 an hours if you’r on a servor were oyu can launch opr consistently)

i dont mean to be rude but i have no idea what you are saying

yea or WM farm hoping for rnjesus either way that countless hour of stupid grind. (i’m already 700 h grind mostly WM)

you don’t have to craft if you don’t want to. HWM also creates gear

It’s easier for crafter to get there gear compared to those who like to mob bash.
And it’s borderline impossible for to get gear from pvp.

Most of them 99% are complet trash. you can target farm some good weapon though
(assuming you already reach WM cap)

It’s only for those that craft the items for themselves. Once they are traded, they are subject to the new system.

Yeah they listened to loud and whiny crafters and turned around and shit on everyone else who doesn’t get excited by crafting.

hum okey, so beacause we are getting shit on other should to ? i don’t see you’r point.

You miss the point. They just made it so 200 crafters are the only ones who get to skirt expertise entirely now and apparently in the future when GS is raised too.

Why would anyone do anything in this game from level 1-60 other than level armor and weapon skill? Literally all PvE other than gathering is invalidated by this change. AGS just killed PvE, expeditions etc. no point at all. Level crafting to 200 or be a loser is what AGS says.

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