After two years testing/playing... damn

they create much more trash, more easily, and eventually roll good stuff, looking at the market, the vast majority of gear from 590-600 is from drops.

crafting costs many more man hours per item created.

And HWM fully unlocks buying items, crafting doesnt. to fully gear yourself you’d have to level multiple crafts, HWM, can create and buy gear. Which is honestly how most players gear up now. Buying gear someone else found/created. the amount of full gathering people is nil.

And yes I believe pvp needs more watermark bumps, or even better, their own reward progression. throwing gathering on owpvp was not the right answer to make pvp rewarding imo.

No. We sell crafted weapon/armor goods for 20k-40k-100k and end up making way more than ever invested. On a medium busy server.
The richest people on the servers, sans the guild banks, are crafters.

Hell I/you can get wealthy off just furniture making.

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you are exaggerating it is much faster to put 600 gs in everything than to put 200 in all professions, I don’t have a profession in 200 and I don’t have 600 gs.

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I have stonecuting, weaponsmith and armoring on 200, but I am not a crafter as you, just dont enjoy in it, but I am not complaning, just ignore those changes and enjoy game xd I have more fun going solo on pvp and hunting ppl in SM xd

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It is faster if you have the gold from already crafting. Way way way faster.

I sit on 300k and could level up the crafting super fast. And its FUTURE PROOF.

I have done this exact thing for a year straight.

But dont want to play Crafter World.

hum okey but it’s trash there for worth the 3 gold when you salvage it.

debatable but yea i do agree

and that’s the good part, NO simply no i have about 300 H of WM farming and i din’t get a single good gear some usable/decent yea but nothing good (all the usuable are bind on pick up)

Yea me to (i’m on a low pop servor) but not a single realy good item an from all the trash 590/600 the lone with atribute + the nice perk are orichalcum stuff / shade walker.

WM farmer has it good for weapon beacause they can target farm those but for armor ? No
and keep in mind those weapon are bind on pick up.

I’m not advocating for a reset of crafter i think it’s a good thing that they backed up on it but either way the system is flawed and terrible for everyone.

It’s not only that but pvper just don’t get acces to decent loot were force to buy it while also having one of if not the lowest gold reward of the game (although i understand that opr create gold and not just transfer it so it make sense) opr is just good for azoth…

I think they should implement a wide variety of Set within faction shop with 600 GS a lot of perk pull (hopefuly you can customise it, and if so id say crafter should be abble to choose everthing in there craft) that you can buy using faction token only.
But ofc i’m bias i want a game, a pvp game were everyone are on equal foot.

Let them be if more crafters we have then more cheaper gucci items you can buy xd

You must just be a troll because you’re 1000% wrong. There’s much to be gained from dungeons and farms still.

Well, few days ago, you havent even know of any new system, and still playing.
Now watch this - I am PvPer, I am in my own guild just for the name - read it as I have no guild, only manufacturing skill I have maxed is cooking, so I can make buff foods for good price for myself, have very decent gear, every PvP titul from OPR ( not wars, in that trashfest I am absolutly not interested, otherwise I would join some zergclub) and with the last change of devs attitude I am now nowhere near finished, very interested in another progress to BiS my gear, also I dont give a single f about anyones wealth, and basicly anyones anything, but what he can show when we are facing each other, thats the only way how anyone can get my respect. The only exception are some now fellow crafters, which was making fair prices of void pieces to me according to time when I was buying them, as stepping stone, they have my respect, because they are able to make it for me, and kindly exchange it for my hard earned cash( and u can bet I used every way possible when the time was appropriate for it), which Is something I am not willing to do as some must-have thing, more likely I will be slowly catching one by one as form of relax when I want to, from like 100-150, where there are those which I would like to have maxed now, exactly same like I am absolutly not willing to loot some boxes on the ground, daily in some zerg train, while killing as little mobs as possible to be time efficient in this sick form of someones idea of fun.
And now I cant help myself, but to be cock and say tha I bet I would put you down with ease in your awesome WM gear, because in that tiome when you was skillin those boxes, I have been learning against servers best, how to be actually good at only real end-game what every proper MMO have, and that is PvP, everything else is everytime only somehow accepted way to get there, so you can chill and feel the new kind of world, graphics etc on the way there, before u put everything on low and get your ass to that proper killing spree shit, so you can admire and respect skilled enemies tactics and bath in tears of noobs like those one who actually think that looting some idiotic boxes or killing dumb AI is something what everyone shoud consider a proper game-play. And if you want to say that you dont play PvP ever - than you should not have even a vote right in anything for the future sake of this game.

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My biggest issue with this post is your statement of playing for two years. You played in Alphas and Betas. So did I. But you know the magic of alphas and betas? Developers get to experiment and figure out the long term game health design while also showing off whay they are working on with the unique perk of FREE gameplay testing to reveal bugs thanks to the people who take part.

Did New World have a rough launch? Yes.
Is the AGS team learning from it? Also Yes.

Their communication has VASTLY improved from betas to release to current two months in. They’re addressing balance, long term gameplay, low end play, and all of this while fixing their framework, expanding communication and AGS Staff teams, and catering to a constant stream of complaining players.

We’re two months in. Give them credit, they’ve earned it.

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