AG wants to lose more players, before doing something with the monopoly companies

As many players already know, on many servers there are companies that monopolize almost everything, thanks to the huge amounts of gold that owning territories like everfall or WW gives them, they can be very well equipped and control entire markets, on servers like mine it reaches such a point where by not being able to have more players in the same faction they are created in other factions and continue to dominate “everything” where whenever you want to face it, you will see the same 50 players in all battles, with sales of territories included, there is a lot people leaving for the simple fact of being biased and unplayable by these monopolies.

This has been going on since they opened the game and the subject has not been touched on other than Amazon saying “we see it well”

The system does not work, the dominant companies the only thing they do is create many guilds and thus control everything to put it at different times of war making the same as always can take and defend everything, if in case you want to generate multiple attacks the only thing they have What to do is change the time to your tastes of the many companies that they have to monopolize.

This topic has been talked about by the players since the beginning of the game, until now that it is killing some servers and Amazon members have not yet touched on the subject, which leads me to think that they are waiting to lose more people to get their hands on the matter?

already on reddit there are suggestions on how to control this issue even if it is temporarily, with 1 war per day per player, or that they simply cannot join the war between factions, that is, green and purple to defend or attack, that each faction is allowed Enter your own faction and not others.

Let’s hope to see a quick solution to this issue and not wait for many guild as it happens on my server to stop playing to just deign to find a solution.


Spoken like a true loser on a server. We can’t win, so lets complain and try to restrict other players from enjoying the war content of the game because they are too good at coordinating Imagine trying to race to the forums to try increase the chance at winning in the most slimiest of ways. There is nothing wrong with changing timers, thats a mechanic in the game. Try improving your builds/strategies/communications.

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Arenas should have came out before mutations & gs increase. So people left out from wars actually have some shit to do besides invasions or opr. Devs are foookin idjiots

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The best way to deal with them is to delete player influence over settlements. Solves a lot of problems, including this one.

Monopolies prove that most so-called PvPers are actually NOT interested in PvPing. Monopolies STOP meaningful PvP. They turn the settlement control system into just another exploit they can just to sit around do do nothing except profit and sell coin as RMT. This is basically AFK Wars.

The best solution is to just delete all PvP. There are so many cheaters and exploiters it’s just a farce.
And monopolies exist only when most of the players on a server support it in one way or another, such as refusing to fight them because they got paid off.
The truth is, most so-called PvPers do NOT want to PvP when they can. They just want to collect loot and grief others.

@Lane @Zin_Ramu @Luxendra AGS, you lost almost all the legitimate PvPers within the first two weeks of launch because you let the ice gauntlet War exploit and the wiggle-your-window invincibility exploit go on without punishing the cheaters and exploiter. Most of the “PvPers” remaining in the game now are just RMT or RMT supporters.
Delete PvP. There’s basically no one really playing it. They are just raping your system for profit.

Shame on you for attacking a first time poster and fellow gamer, so many mean spirited people in these forums. Being constructive and providing some assistance with in-game insight versus calling them a “loser” would be more of a productive use of your time than personal insults against a complete stranger.


I should have reworded that. I meant loser in the sense, that you most likely are not winning wars, not in that particular personal way.

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Thanks for the clarification, game on!

suggestions for improvement,

have several players record vods of matches, try split comm setups so that multiple smaller groups can coordinate offensive efforts rather than just 1 big zerg call (multiple groups coordinating cc chains like grav wells,screams at the same time for instance), try practice opr, try field players that place top 5 in opr and follow calls.

It is alot of effort, usually organically done and takes time i’d imagine. It’s definitely not easy.

Nothing they are doing shows in any way that their goal is to retain any users.

True loser, @ragar200. Thanks for serving that role.

Imagine being proud of, what, exploiting better? Rofl.

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