Again dowtime update un all regional at the same time. Are you kiding us?

Are you aware of the damage you generate by doing all maintenance in all regions at the same time? In the case of Europe, you directly steal a game day from us since it lasts from 12 noon to 5 o’clock the most important time slot. It is a discriminatory treatment with respect to Pacific players who are not deprived of playing as the maintenance is at dawn. I want to think that it is a rookie mistake and not a total disrespect to a part of the community.


I am not even home from work till 5 p.m. and i am pretty sure many other working people also dont go home at 12. So i would doubt it is the most important time slot, i see this more like 6-7 pm till midnight but ok


Yeah I mean if you’re complaining about 12-5pm then you’re just complaining about maintenance really.


5pm is when servers start to get really busy, and they are well populated before 5 pm too. Now consider that the maintenance was extended last time. If it happens again today, which would not surprise me at all, then EU won’t be able to play during prime time.

ESO did this, it annoyed the hell out of EU players that they did this and treated EU as second class citizens with maintenance. It would be a shame if New World did the same thing, which unfortunately seems to be the case.


I see your point about extended maintenance. For me it starts at 8 or 9pm, which is not too bad really. Manage to get an hour or two in. If you’re in Western Australia it starts at 5 or 6pm.


Since when is working hours most I’m portant hours??
5pm to 11pm is prime time in Europe.


The downtime is in peak hours for OCE though.

Staggered maintenance times would be ideal but I am also aware that it would be a hassle to co-ordinate it with the workers performing it being in the US and not awake all through the night.


Did you want the game fixed or not? Then that’s what it takes. Sorry to say but it’s only a game, it’s not like they cut off your air supply for 5 hours.


Wording it like an attack when it isn’t and calling things discrimitory is childish. If you would rather earlier times. I’m sure suggesting it without attitude would probably work in your favor better.


Whilst the 5hrs downtime is abit long for my taste and the time slot is during my play time i dont particularly agree with you. I’d like to be able to play at night with my friends more than during the day. However, and ill say it again. I really hope they shorten these downtimes as time progresses.

I just want the game fixed and up to the standard I expected it to be upon release. There are a lot of bugs that need to worked through. Just let the devs get on with it.

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The fixes planned should not take 5 hours… Think it was like 7 hours in the end last time.
From 10am til 3 in uk which sucks.
Now it is the second in a short time.
Cfs/me so don’t do much gaming at night and already well behind the players these days thinking the game is a second job.
The game is great and not like any fixes are crazy bugs

When I complained about update schedules that affect other regions during beta, I was shot down with people saying “it’s only beta, it won’t be the same when it goes live”. Well guess what…


if you dont like the 12pm update time is 8pm better for you? rn most people in EU are working and like playing at 8PM til 12am.

i have a free week from work and 12 pm dosent hurt in any way i still have stuff to do so i can skip time easly

most of normal people either working or studying at this time in Europe. So timing is perfect I’d say.


:rofl: :rofl: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Except that maintenance window starts between 6pm and 9pm on OCE servers.

I’ll be sure to post the smiley faces when they start doing the same time on weekends :rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

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Not a problem mate :slight_smile: Not playing much on weekends anyway, got better things to do :rofl: :rofl: