Again dowtime update un all regional at the same time. Are you kiding us?

Maybe we work nightshifts :smiley:

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Some people are actually working in the weekends, where they instead have free days in the week. Not everyone has time off in the weekend, so stop being babies and judge other before you even know their situation.

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Really they are essentially just telling all the people that they need to be working when they are ready to sit home and relax or get their own life needs done to go pound salt.
This isn’t really a new thing though.

imagine complaining about making the game better but youre so salty you cant play for 5 whole hours.

also imagine about complaining what time the updates go live. its almost like the devs are actual people who have to schedule stuff too. Y’all are too much

Why you whining here mate? here here ____/ fill it up with your tears.

I said " most " not everybody. Why would I care about different time zones when OP purely complaining about European time maintenance. This time is perfect for “most” Europeans.

If you have nothing better to do I can find you something if you want :wink:

Imagine that you have worked an entire morning and a good part of an afternoon wanting to play a wee bit when you get home, but you are faced with a 5hr maintenance in the midst of your regions prime time.

Also, imagine that DEVS DON’T DO THE MAINTENANCE. The maintenance crew do.
How daft are you for thinking that the Devs are actually doing this shit at 3am. Seriously.
This is entirely because Amazon wants to be cost effective, it has nothing to do with their employees schedules.

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Devs or Maint. crew… call it what you want. You’re really so butthurt that you have to whine and cry about missing one night of gaming? Grow up. Imagine being so entitled that “Maintenance Crews” dont matter or their working schedules dont matter. Shows how mature you are and how much you know about server maintenance. Carry on with your BS though

Imagine whiteknighting for a trillion dollar corporation. I’m sure they will be very grateful to you for defending their honor.

Apperantly demanding a decent product/service for your money is being “too much”. smh

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As a software engineer myself (15yrs! long time to ride the gravy train - thank you for that, universe), the patch items listed are not “minor code tweaks.”

Granted some of them are probably pretty embarrassing to internal teams ( lmao ), but sad smiles aside - to me, it reads as a substantial overhaul of numerous services (in other words: subsystems) in order to fix these problems. Not trivial! Layer on that they are eating their own dog food (aws) and with that comes things like Cloudformation validations, ensuring SMS queues are properly responding and then of course automated integration and performance testing (which, really, as much as it sucks to wait for, its a good thing to thave) - 5hrs for what reads (to me, this all speculation and opinion) like the surface area of change is not trivial - seems about right?

FWIW - the above is me having empathy towards fellow dev. The gamer me is pretty bummed i cant *&%! off during my planning meetings right now and work on crafting :smiley:


Geez, just calm down. I don’t think you need this game to live, go get a sun in that palid skinny face of yours and let the devs work to give you a friggin’ better experience at the game.


True, the devs doesnt do the maintenance, I just think it’s easier for people to put the staff under a general workforce.

Besides, the crew in USA are actually doing it at midnight their time, while in Europe they do it pretty late down the day.

I think people would have better understanding if both regions suffered during daytime, but given one can fix it at night time and the other cant, thats probably why people are reacting like they are.

Imagine not knowing that this actually affects Wars in which you pay hard earned gold just to have it default the win to defenders, because lo and behold these are not advertised a week in advance.
Imagine not knowing that this actually prevents you from defending from an invasion causing a settlement to downgrade.

Imagine being a shill for the world’s 3rd biggest company.

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Yep, I live in my own little bubble in Australia where maintenance is during my prime time, so naturally I’m unable to comprehend the concept of maintenance being an inconvenience. Gasp, gasp, gasp.

Sounds like you have issues my friend. This is a good time, majority of people in EU times are at work. Plus this downtime gives you a bit of time to reflect and enjoy some fresh air (if you’re not working)

How does Discrimination even play a part in this you wet flannel? Every game has Maintenance and downtime… Chill out :smiley:

Giving feedback on the forums that are intended for people to give feedback on is apperantly crying and whining. Truly a remarkable take.

What? Nobody is blaming the employees. The issue is whoever is in charge of those working schedules, they are the one(s) that need to make a schedule with all regions in mind. And yes this might include night shifts, extra pay, more devs/meintenance crew - it’s almost as if like you’re a successful business and you need to expand and invest more.

Maybe it’s time to take your own advice. Maybe try holding a company to some sort of a standard, expecting a quality product/service for your money, instead of slurping up whatever you’re given with a smile and attacking people that voice their frustrations.

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I have read several of your comments. If you are not able to understand that it is possible to do maintenance by time slots, I have nothing to talk about with you. It is unfair now, it will be unfair tomorrow and it will also be unfair next year. Americans don’t care about this problem because it fits you in the middle of the night. Here in Europe it fits us in the worst hour, in which many of us arrive from work to play a game. What was said. Hate you can put it in the place where you can never look directly at each other.

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Amazon is not a small company. You cannot give me as reasoning the effort of the developers, when other mmo do the maintenance of servers by time slots for years. I pay for quality service. A maintenance from 12 noon to 5 in the afternoon is not quality. And it is not professional either. Would you be understanding if I, as an electrician, told you that I am going to fix your house when you need to be in it? I do not believe it.

Completely agree! Times are changing. I currently do not allow any of my staff to do any maintenance afterhours and push all changes during regular working hours. The times of poor devs having to work at crazy hours to suit the users are going away. The fact that AZG is doing this at 3am their time is incredible. Though I wouldn’t have minded doing some grinding today during the 3 hour zoom meetings. :wink:

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and? dont have people other stuff to do or am i the only person who cleans the house and garden :thinking:

5 hours are nothing compared to a week and you can plan alle household stuff or studying into these 5 hours and enjoy the rest of the day afterwards