Again dowtime update un all regional at the same time. Are you kiding us?

To everyone saying “Hurr durr you’re complaining about a time period in which you should be at work anyway”, you are really not very bright. A LOT of people playing this game do not have a 9-5 job. I don’t. Why don’t I have that? I study. I have time here and there between assignments and days off school, where I can play.
The fact that they schedule downtime for the middle of the day is just bonkers. There’s a reason they do it at 3 AM in the US - because they know, there are the least players during that time. And if they know that, then do the freaking same on EU, cause this is just stupid.

Dude go outside


So I’m assuming you’ve never ran server maintenance in your life. Usually, you automate them and each server can go down independently, however that could screw up things if each server relies on the others. Update server 1 and server 2 could freak out. I would like them to fix the update problem. I play early mornings and late evenings, but I’m not going to cry about it. Watch tv or go outside dude. It’s only .208333 of your day. You’ll survive.

Spot on. There is only 2 reasons why people are flaming on here: 1. They are trolls or 2. The current maintenance schedule suits them. It’s not too much to ask for maintenance to be done between 1am and 6am per region.


I think New World is a great game. It was let down by non existant volume testing.

Even though the queues were far longer in the EU priority was given to addressing the problem on US servers leaving many in EU feeling let down.

I again feel let down as maintenance is timed to best suit those in US.

It should be possible to schedule maintenance 01.00 to 06.00hrs in each region time zone to minimise the impact on customers. This would have the benefit of being able to fix glitches with minimun imact to the global community as highlighted by the last release which was supposed to take 2 hours but actually took 5+ hours. and impacted everyone!

Again I say this is a great game it is just a shame it has been let down by poor implementation.


If EU maintenance can be extended while the rest is up can’t the maintenance also be postponed until 2 AM?

On server status, all US East servers are currently online, yet everyone else is down for maintenance.

This game clearly isn’t for you, go play another game.

AG is doing their best, do keep in mind that this is their first AAA game…

this is our fault for buying alpha games from an indie studio, ahhh no, this is supposed to be a finished game from a AAA development house, let alone amazon technical support, 20 minute wait so that without reading your problem tell you, our development team is aware and we are working on the solution.

It’s true, let’s be understanding with an indy company like Amazon. But you know what happens, companies with less power have been doing their maintenance by region for years. You’re not going to teach dad anything.

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All us servers online, only europe servers down. Top population on EU. And maintenance in the middle of the day in Europe. Good job Amazon.

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Further evidence that EU is Amazon’s lowest priority? I find it strange as the stats show EU has largest numbers and hence highest revenue …

Hello from Europe

5pm is when servers start to get really busy, and they are well populated before 5 pm too. Now consider that the maintenance was extended last time. If it happens again today, which would not surprise me at all, then EU won’t be able to play during prime time.

I really wish I could say I didn’t see this coming from miles away but yeah… Please put maintenance earlier next time?

Who flags this post? libtardations knows no limits and Im very liberal in my views :rofl:

Kann ich nur Zustimmen!!

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