Against the Mutators

I think AGS may be heading in the wrong direction.

Would that I were your boss, I’d likely tell you to toss this idea as far out the window as you can. You’re wasting time and energy. The sweaty Mythic+ crowd is going to play WoW or chase the next hardcore MMO like Lost Ark.

If you want to get more out of the dungeons you’ve created - presumably giving players more reasons to run them. Tweak those dungeons. You can make them harder. You can tweak the AI of the creatures. Add some variable elements. You can modify them to simply make them evolve and be more interesting over time. And, most definitely, you can do a TON of things with interesting itemization.

I hope you keep a vision that New World is something different, instead of trying to re-create the ideas of 2015 and older (of course, with naming differences and tiny adjustments). I hope AGS gets their focus back on new and unique ideas. Try stuff that isn’t in other MMOs. Keep doing that and NW will remain interesting.

I made this post because I was reminded of (what I think) was a similar situation from a small older MMO - Pirates of the Burning Sea. It launched in 2008 and was kind of AAA-ish for the time. It had a lot of problems, but it had a few things going for it… significant attention to pirate lore and some pretty interesting EVE-lite conquest gameplay (I think they may have even pioneered the concept of the “scheduled” port/castle pvp battle that NW uses).

But… what happened when subscribers started to fall as each new MMO was released? Instead of trying to make the unique things PotBS did better… or try other new ideas… SOE (or was it Flying Lab?) developers decided they needed to try and make it a theme park MMO like WoW. And… as most reading are probably scratching their heads even wondering what PotBS is/was… you can guess how that effort turned out.

I’m sure some will disagree with what I wrote, but we’ll see how it goes.

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