Agree to what T&C?

PROBLEM RESOLVED… OK I am supposed to agree to some kind of new T&C when i started my game today… What are they… Am i agreeing that Amazon will not be updating the game any longer due to the exploits and will no longer get any help from the devs or is it just a casual T&C. I would like Amazon to at least allow me to read them before i agree and not waver my legal rights away :slight_smile: why have i just got a blank screen on the “New” T&Cs

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Hear me out here.

This bug right…
Is not even a New World bug.
I know its hard to comprehend right now BUT, its a steam bug. :rofl:

As there are is no text to refer to you will not waive anything.

probably !! lol

Right OK… Nice attitude btw…

Right OK…

You are agreeing to

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I have a sense of humor. Unfortunately i don’t store quotes from a TV show i have never watched. It’s not the first thing i think of in a forum when someone needs a question answered.

It’s obviously a joke regardless of knowing where it comes from. Profesionally outraged people baffle me lol.

Thank You

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Holy crap balls do people actually read T&C’s?

lol… Not always but sometimes i do being a victim of identity theft… I just wondered what i was supposed to agree to considering the box was blank :slight_smile:

here ya go

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I assume the BOTTOM line is what we are supposed to reinforce our agreement to, in the event someone starts a class action lawsuit for denial of services.

** However, if your claim for damages is related to any change, restriction, suspension, or termination of your account or inability to use a Game or any In-Game Item, and results from our determination that you violated this Agreement or any Game code of conduct, then we and our licensors’ have no liability to you for damages under this Agreement.**

i swear to god. there are so many but hurt litte fucking cry baby 30+ year old men on this forum that cant take a joke because every time they laugh they get a whiff of there own body odor. and that shit frightens them

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