AGS 500 pop for merged server not ok!

In Vanheim Fırma they announced gonna merge all world set which will be around 1k pop but today they changed it and mate it 2 different merged servers in vanheim firma world set so made 2x 500 pop server instead of 1 x 1k pop server. Is it have any logic cause 500 pop for a server is so bad and will die in a month again. We was playing around 1.5-2 k player in one server at start now AGS decided to 500 pop is enough for a server ? Its pure bad idea please make it as first announced 500 pop is not good for merged server .


I bet they’re going to merge the two 500 pop servers with other servers in a future merge.

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By then each server will have only 250 players left. They need to fix the problem not halfass it.


For the love of all that is holy please stop calling is “POP” and instead use the correct word PEAK.

The population or active playerbase is much higher than the PEAK. The peak and concurrent players are the important thing but it is not the same as population.

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It appears their goal number is 600 peak concurrent atm based on looking at the peaks I’ve seen merged together from multiple world sets.

This solves a lot of problems with people on completely dead server, but merges are a process and more will follow once they get more data after this transition.

I hope so but 500 peak still will cause to players left the game on most of servers 500 peak not enough for that type of game I think. It was perfect player base when on 1.2-1.5 k peak Imo.

Big issue is the inability to merge to other world sets to pick some of these servers up. Some people probably have multiple characters, even if it’s simply a name reservation on a different world set. I personally have a lot of reserved names.

Not only are these merges happening, but it’s expected that once the merge process has completed, it wont be too long after that a second round of transfers go out.

What I hope is that they blacklist the dead servers which really low populations and have people transfer off to more even/higher populations.

This was also commented on this post. Splitting Vanaheim Firma in two servers is a bad call.

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