AGS, any progress on female skins?

This one is back, I hate the disney hat and the shoes, but gonna look kinda cute (for NW standarts) when we can dye everything.

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Queen of Heart NW Version :slight_smile:

I see real life resemblances in both. The one one the left looks Scottish though :rofl:

Diablo 4

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D4 has a great transmog system…

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Sleeveless? No problem. Topless? No problem.

If we had skins or character models that were this good I would never complain again


yes, I like it. And even the character creation is simple but way better than NW. I like the clothes as well.

I dislike how feminine shoes are skinned over a boot model so they are super clunky looking. Or how the dress is skinned over a chest piece so when your not wearing pants it sticks out and looks silly

Still multitudes better than what we get here…which is almost nothing.

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I wonder: They don’t want to lock certain appearances to certain sexes/genders/body types/whatever (that wouldn’t be modern), and they don’t want characters that look and sound like men to run around the game in dresses making fun of trans women (intolerable i agree or at least very annoying), so the solution seems to be eliminate dresses from the skins and usable gear in the game.

But it’s ok to have the basically shirtless pimp/gay pimp top that people do use? It doesn’t make sense that the reason for no skirts, dresses or robes, even for cloth armor, is just to keep people from trolling with it?

What other reason? Because their skin system isn’t armor type locked and they don’t want people in dresses running around as tanks? But some of the silly cloth skins they have made are just fine?

It seems like in some early Amazon meetings some important people emphatically said they do not want anything like this (mine from ESO):

And they took it wayyyyy to the other extreme? Knight of Devotion is the most they can do for femininity (it is a good skin) and that is one out of how many?

That angle didn’t do justice to the ESO artwork, player model and or engine (dated as it looks now).

but we have a few dresses in game, so it’s not that.
they should just add more of them.

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On usable armor? I’ve only seen the potato sack dress and the corset one, on low level trash armor.

I was thinking of posting the transmog from legendaries from D4, but then i though… its just going to make me bitter comparing them to the potato characters that we have… top down ARPG game with 5x more body options then 3rd person MMO :frowning: , transmog in beta (work for the most part), and like a looot and i mean a lot of nice looking armors.

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I understand not wanting overly sexualised female characters, like in some other games like Tera or BDO or Lost Ark, and I think that’s the right move by AGS, but there has to be a middle point where female characters do have more feminine stance and animations without it being absolutely over the top like those other examples.

Games like Dragon Age inquisition or Witcher 3 have a good compromise where female characters look feminine but still somewhat realistic.

I wouldnt look at Korean games for inspiration though, way over the top and ridiculous designs.

As for other MMOs, guild wars 2 and ESO have female character animations pretty well too imo. Although I dislike female character armor in GW2 many times, also too over the top.


What is so difficult about creating female running animations and feminine attire?

I…I…I really don’t understand the difficulty in these requests. Are women players/avatars not allowed to have the same amount of creative freedom as their male counterparts?


Theres an argument to be made, here…against that, and it comes from being a decent human being. In this day and age, I suspect that any person that worries more about others more then themselves is somekind of basement dweller… and to why nobody should want these individuals in their game, or in anywhere else in life… theres a lot of reasons (but that’s another discuttion).

I dont care about oversexualized skins or big pink bears and stuff like that [or at least i try not to care]…why ? Because someone out there likes them… and if i start carying about what others like, we just end up denying each other stuff… CASE AND POINT with NW… you still have ridiculous outfits running around, you still have pink (and other disgusting bright coloured) outfits running around. you still have females running in only bras in the game… the people that like oversexualized skin , the people that likes BRIGHT fugly colours got them anyway… but they end up with few options for their likes… and i end up with few options for mine… LOSE - LOSE.

The days or immersion and the argument towards NW keeping its immersion is long gone… there is no point in having it…and it will never be coming back… they will never remove skins they already implemented, and they will 100% implement more that will break the immersion for those into that kind of stuff. So at least put out ideas of things you like… rather then putting out ideas that server no purpose then to keep everyone in this lose-lose situation, where we get shiz that aint satisfying anyone.

I don’t understand how people don’t see this… espseically people that are complaining… how do you not see that denying anyone their likes, just ends up denying urs (sooner or later) and everyone loses.

by that logic of adding what people want it’s a free for all? let’s add police cars, tanks, bazookas, aliens, jetpacks, and other stuff like that?

the game (as most mmos) still have to have a coherent universe and it does still have immersion, even though we have some silly armor, it still follows the rules of the universe.

I’m all for giving people options, within certain logic that makes sense in the setting of course. if not you end up with some weird second life looking stuff.

i don’t mind sexualized ouftits as long as it’s both for both genders and optional for them, so both genders have both sexualized and more covered options. I think ESO and FFXIV are good examples on how to go around it.

but what usually happens is that they give all sexualized outfits to female characters, and also they don’t give many options for female characters to not be sexualized. and that’s also a big issue with many games too.