AGS are you aware of how poorly your game is performing right now?

The desync/lag alone is enough to kill your game off, are you aware of it? It seems to get worse and worse each patch.

Anything melee related is practically unplayable in this patch.


its not ‘lag’ and its not melee specific, it harms ranged FAR more

these are the issues:

  1. the game seems to lack lag compensation or it is implemented horrendously. (HILARIOUS for an online game to be struggling with this in 2021, btw)
  • You can see this especially with a bow, shoot while moving your mouse and notice how far behind your aim the arrow actually leaves
  • this is also likely the culprit for attacks just going through targets so often, melee and ranged.
  1. the routing is hilarious.
  • I get 120 RTT (ping) to NA East servers which is a meme.
    I get better ping to european servers from NA.
  • my US East server shows as being on a western AWS server ( com), this could just be a relay but it still makes zero sense

being aware and not giving a shit are two different things lol. i know its all frustrating and i can lie to yall and say that itll get corrected but i really dont think they give a shit. its not top on their list. But broken content is so there you go. I really want thos game to succeed but it reminds me of some early ffxiv im just waiting for the big moon to destory us and servers drop until they get us outta beta, you know what I mean

Well I play VG/FS I can assure you its worse for melee, there’s a specific desync with the lunge mechanic (when people are running from you). I even hear the sound effects of me landing a hit, but no damage.

Basically makes the game unplayable tbh.


You think AGS controls routing over the internet?

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Yeah, this seemed too good to be true: "We Had Alarms Going Off:" Amazon Games On New World's Chaotic First Months - IGN

“We want to focus on gameplay and improving the experience, so when we have bugs, exploits, and things like that it detracts from what we really want to be doing.”

If they really want that New World becomes better game they would’ve already done something. Well, we will see.

you think AGS doesnt have control of the data going through their servers and load balancers?
my connection to a US East server is going through a western AGS server.

clearly they dont control every aspect of routing on the internet (lol?) but there is no reason not in their control for an NA player to be getting 120 ping to an NA server.

piss off with your dribble.

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Because they have done nothing so far in your head?

Tell me you don’t understand how network routing works without saying you don’t understand how network routing works.

What is a “western AGS server”? AGS hosts their game servers in AWS, they have ZERO control over the networking beyond that.

Really? And how should they control your ping to AWS server? Please be specific.

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I’m not the only one who thinks that way about New World.

Don’t get me wrong here, i like the game, graphics, sounds etc, i like to go hunting, chopping trees, doing quests.

I play NW every now and then. But from 900k players to ~100k in 3 months and new bugs arising with new patches etc…that tells something.
If you don’t acknowledge that then you are ignorant.

Maybe you got the wrong idea about my reply, i want the game to succeed and i report bugs every time i see one, using ingame feedback tool and i know they have done something. And as i said, we will see.

Game runs fine for me. Maybe post more specific bugs in the feedback forum? This is for player game chat not just complaining.


Then what did you mean by this?

“If they really want that New World becomes better game they would’ve already done something.”

They have done something but they should have already done something?

I don’t understand the point you are trying to make.

Having better plans for bug fixing and anticipated things better. Sorry, english isn’t my main language.

I especially enjoy the hatchet just missing. Everything.

Are you aware of your poor internet connection?

Hey smoothbrain, he’s talking about lag and desync that happens even on super high end PCs. It’s network related.

I have the same issue on a high end PC. My internet connection is rock solid. Since few days after launch I had a very smooth experience network wise. Then each patch seemed to make it worse: occasional jerky movement, small teleport movements, etc. It’s slightly worse after this patch.


I have non of that

No but they can help by expanding their connection points. For an MMO they are pretty limited.

How can they do that? They use AWS west coast datacenter and east coast datacenter.

happens alllllll the time… I deleted 130 videos regarding the same issues.

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