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One of the key reasons I left the first time around a year ago was the LACK of communication and infrequent updates addressing problems. How has it been more than 24hrs since we’ve had an update on the TP issue? There should be an hourly update/status/backrub/something.

I DO NOT CARE so much that the TP is down. Yes, it sucks, but I am more upset at the LACK of communication. Absolutely unprofessional. Nothing will ever hurt your community more than pretending like things don’t exist by ignoring to address them and talk to people about them. Please learn to inform your consumers on what is happening and OFTEN!


All I want to do is buy potions :frowning:


It’s right here, they are communicating. This was 4 hours ago, and the update is that there is no ETA yet.

It’s unrealistic to expect hourly updates on any work, yours, mine, or AGS. Patience man, patience!

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This was 24-hours after people were pleading for updates.


I get devs want to keep certain information hush hush but even a simple “We are working on it but it’s a massive pain in the butt!” can make the situation understandable, not a secret that lumberjack sucks.


And? They are communicating… that’s the point. Hour by hour updates don’t help anyone if they are “we have no ETA” every hour.


Why don’t you read their communications? Unreal.

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4 hours ago eh? not bad

Personally I want them to send out a troll msg saying that they aren’t working on it just because of posts like op’s.

Ofc they’re freaking working on it lmao


You’re missing the point. I am not ok sitting around for days, knowing they are working on it yet not talking about it.

That’s exactly what they should do. Not literally hour by hour, every four hours or so is realistic.

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I agree, hoping they provide another update soon.


Well they fixed the dupe bug but I think its either atm they are trying to discuss what to do with the damaged economy on the servers or they already know what to do and just auditing every single server on the game which probably would take time to do

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Yes, I’m doubtful they have any sort of script so they’d have to manually process/adjust those players which will definitely take time.

It hasn’t been days since they told you anything :man_shrugging:

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It was a full day before they said anything and this isn’t my first merry-go-round, hence the references to days.

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They update here and there have to watch out for it.


Then you should know that it takes time to sort out and delete all the suped items, issue bans, etc.

Even a full day, the day it was discovered isn’t unacceptable tbh.

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Everything’s gonna be A-OK. Play a different game til the TP comes back up.

No it isnt unrealistic, thats what a community manager is for. How long does it take to post a “dont know, still working on it” post? 20 seconds??

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