AGS, camps on top of resource nodes is extremely annoying, please fix!

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As per the title states. It’s painstaking to gather resources from a specific route only to run into two (2) camps placed on top of two Orichalcum nodes in Monarch’s Bluff, in the vicinity of the Spirit Shrine not too far from Achernar. This is a daily occurrence when I’m not only at times just to see if the nodes spawn and gather them real quick then continue to gather other resources. Other times, it’s a camp on top of the three (3) Dragonglory mote nodes to inhibit players (but we know it’s mainly for “bots”) from gathering from these nodes. Sure, there are other Dragonglory nodes out there but the principal of players “gatekeeping” these node from spawning and being gathered is not conducive to gameplay. Screen shot to display the type of behavior. This needs to be removed to allow players to place a camp by resources. This is a daily occurrence where I see camps on top of these two particular and very rare placement of Orichalcum nodes in this area.

Also, to put into perspective, this is the current state of Orofena. I’m very sure your “Bot Banning Party” will have a grand ol’ time banning the plethora of bots that plague these lands.


Today, again with the camp on top of the same two Orichalcum nodes in Monarch’s Bluff. And to be extremely clear, this is not my doing. This is the reason why I’ve and many other have provided feed back about this issue since launch and nothing had been done to resolve this issue. When will enough feedback be enough evidence?

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox @Centeotl

Another camp in the same spot today. Apparently, placeholding a camp near them will inhibit spawning of nodes as well. This is getting very irritating at this point.

Today’s camp. I’ll keep posting more since we’ll never know when this will get fixed.

Todays camp. I had the rare pleasure of gathering the two Orichalcum nodes here earlier while making my rounds gathering other resources. And this is the result when I came back after a OPR match.

you must be a bot because people only do this to bots Kappa

I do this because it’s a issue. It’s gatekeeping other players from gathering resources.

As per PTR notes #5, I’d figure I would share this here as well so it’s not going unnoticed and just copied and pasted this line in particular since it serves the main purpose.

World Experience


Players can no longer place camps in settlements under certain circumstances.

When will players no longer be able to place camps on top or near resources that hinder gathering??? @Luxendra @Shadow_Fox @Centeotl

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