AGS can't even make good on their "make good" promise but has time to make storage/inventory even worse and further reduce QoL

World on fire. Exploits galore. Countless things in need of fixing. People literally begging for QoL improvements.


AGS: So we made it so you can’t use the only viable workaround to deal with our miserly storage/inventory system. Enjoy!

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Nah, this is a good change.

People who weren’t abusing the storage limit were disadvantaged for playing fair.

How well this will be implemented is something else, but at least wait for the patch to be complete?


Maybe AGS is just really bad at describing things but uh, based on the text of the update, can you in good faith propose what it might mean besides the obvious which will negatively impact virtually everyone who gathers for profit?

I can fill wood in 20m full storage 1k+ weight. Do that x6 in 2 hours and I’m now vastly past what I can waddle with, and I’m dropping stuff on the ground as a workaround to be functional.

What value does this add to the game?

I gather for profit, I never stored things in the trading board for the purpose of encumbering my storage.

So it literally makes no difference in my perspective.

You gather. You list. Someone undercuts, and then someone undercuts them. I guess everyone decided to gather that day. Your order ultimately doesn’t sell. It returns to storage.

I’m flabbergasted if this isn’t a scenario you’ve experienced, or can’t imagine happening.

My dead server has a ton of people who like gathering and listing, and apparently undercutting. This is a very normal and frequent occurrence. I can only imagine what it looks like on other servers with higher pop.

It might entice people to gather more lower tier resources and make profit from it, convert their useless T5 raw mats, or force them to throw them away. But there was no point setting up 20 K T5 raw mats on auction just for storage.

I understand my case could be specific, but I just sell to people with buy orders. So if I gather 1k, I sell 1k straight away.

If I want to sell 3 axes, I only craft 3 axes. If it goes back to storage when its full, yes it does get over encumbered but we don’t know if this will still happen.

The issue was that people purposefully posted things at high value for 1 day for the purpose of it going to storage. This stops the issue because you cannot sell that much if you wouldn’t have space for it.

It’s your own decision to gather way more than you’re capable of holding if you were part of that group.

The questions now which we can’t answer yet are:

  • Can you move stuff to bags (aka storage has space) then sell, then put back items from bag in storage and it being full, then get over encumbered storage?

  • If you have a full storage but you’re selling those items, will it let you? (since technically you would have space once you list them)

That’s a fair point, that it’s possible those two options may be how it ends up working.

Though I feel like Scenario A is something that common sense would dictate they’d want to communicate upfront for the sake of clarity. (I feel like they’ve explained/provided examples/nuance in previous instances of a change that may not be 100% clear with just a one line bullet, so there’s a precedent) And Scenario B … I feel like is more or less “no change” over currentstate where people can easily abuse the system? Though I’d also be fine with that. XD

I guess we’ll see in a couple hours. But of all the things they could have messed with, this one is pretty far down on my list of worthwhile investments in time. (Also tinfoil hat, unlike other upcoming changes I don’t think this was on PTR or had any pre-patch discourse, which makes me feel like they knew it’d be unpopular, didn’t want feedback, and weren’t interested in potentially changing course if it upset people)

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What will you do if the 2000 ingots you crafted and tried to sell didn’t sell and you get them all back at the same time after 3 days?

Ye im sure 50 tons storage sheds are a little “workaround”.

I wouldn’t make 2000 ingots to sell without guarantee.

Like I said previously, I mainly sell to fulfill buy orders.

A normal day would be check buy orders, craft what is listed and sell instantly.

I understand it’s less profit than waiting for a sale, but that’s what I’ve been doing.

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