AGS dev's you have gold in your hands... Brimstone is INSANE

I allow myself to publish a totally positive post to express my admiration to the developers at AGS. Especially to the artists who work on the environments, the sound, but also the story and the cutscenes. :slight_smile:

I’ve been roaming MMOs for 15 years and playing New World non-stop since alpha and honestly I was blown away by the huge step up in overall quality for this area. Quests all doubled, story MUCH MUCH more gripping and really making you want to know what’s next, suggesting a long journey that could really immerse the players (one of the essential criteria that we don’t think of to retain players).

I found myself following the main story of the area for 4-5 hours without being able to stop, it’s well paced, written and extremely easy on the eyes.

AGS you already know that you have gold in your hands for this MMO if you continue to develop it like this and especially if you manage to maintain a fast rate of release.

and what an area with another biome could have in store for us (mountain type, snow…) and other era mythologies if the work is also consistent!

To all those who liked brimstone Sand, don’t hesitate to support the devs here ! :clap:

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This is what we need more of on these forums! I too have immensely enjoyed BSS as both a solo player questing and the group content available!


Yea Brimstones was fantastic.
Would just love for them to bring more incentives for people to linger around in those areas after they’ve already done the story. So NW’s world won’t become so abandoned once people are through with it.


maintain the fast rate of release?
BS isn’t even an expansion, its a zone that’s been sitting there while they fixed the games problems post release.


Brimstone was an amazing addition. The golden scarabs are what keep me coming back every day. But the zone itself looks beautiful.

Sulfur pools are really well thought out aswell. A great solution to bots farming a resource (in this case sulfur and Elite chests).

Every day they seem to be improving the game.

I hope this continues.


on the positive note, and as a returning player, I found the music trade skill to be a really neat idea and something I quite enjoy, hope it gets flushed out with more music down the road.


Yeah i got $100 in store credits because of this kind of content. (If devs do good things and they get rewarded, do not so good devs get nadah) I really enjoyed it.
Sure they reskinned a lot of enemies but making new animations for the skeletons and making a more challenging environment was neaded. I still like running around naked and because of that archers and the legionares are a nightmare but its definitely way more fun. Having the brutes actually tossing enemies at us and the scorpions is a great addition to the game. I love the passive creatures. Sometimes just chasing lizards is its own whimsicle reward. But I love jumping and climbing puzzles. They are great. And hiding the glyths all over the map was a brilliant move. I have found a number of secret rooms in between building obsticles and hope that devs in the future put easter eggs in them or hidden epic boss enemies in them but the place is crammed full of places to explore and things to see. They did a lot better at their quest delivery and while I hope they start talking about a “quest creation tool” to import some very interesting unique quests in mind, this expansion feels unique in its own right.


Yep, I think that the rate of this year is really the bare minimum. But we all know that this past year they spent 3 quarters of their time fixing the game, I hope to see more updates but in the last dev update they talked about reducing the pace to release cleaner updates, with fewer bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah same here, i bought a huge amout of credits to “”“support”“” the development ! ( I know AGS dont need so much my money… but you understand me :wink: )

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BSS was a nice addition. Not taking anything away from that. However it is not a lot and really shouldn’t be branded an expansion. BSS update killed several existing zones. Factions a still kind of pointless. PvP is stagnant. And the sweaty tryhards still control all the territories. Oh and player levels are steadily dropping.

See you next “expansion”

Yes for sure, so many more to achieve. But yes BSS was not an expansion and the dev’s themself call it an update :slight_smile:

Well so long as we are abruptly shoe horning a side issue bloodangel

Yes pvp is stagnent and could be better. So Ive thought up a great way to make the grass look greener on the pvp side of the fence without pissing off the pve players and keeping it in the open world so no wait times

This is a hybrid of PvP with PvE elements faction missions that resemble PvP multiplayer game objectives that can be played independently. The beauty of this is it negates waiting times, rosters, and fixes itself to already existing mechanics making it easier for devs to implement compared to other projects they work on and from other pitches i have seen on the forums. But has much more room for expansions later down the road.

What I propose is in contrast to the current faction quests. this feature would make use of the current faction rep quest giving model while offering more versatility.

To set the parameters, utilizing the forts and tents are the primary focus. They should be be populated with 10 NPC’s respective to the territories level that ally with the faction that currently controls the fort or tent. With some consideration I find the combination of 1 elite commander, 2 elite captains, 2 archers, 1 rifle-man, 2 sword and shield, 1 great axe, and 1 spear would be a well balanced defense for the NPC population at each structure.

A faction rep should be at the forts and tents for rapid mission deployment but fort and tent reps offer less than town reps in a way for a third faction to attempt to catch up to control a tent or maybe even overtake a fort.
To gain control over the fort or tent instead of the 10 minute king of the hill gameplay which is currently the longest waste of time in gaming history. Instead, the faction that has the most pull in the territory control gets the fort and the faction with the second most control gets the tent.
Faction missions completed from the towns should offer more points to ensure a catch-up mechanic for the third faction.
And here js the kicker to really mix things up. The faction rep is made as a psudo boss character (an elite level 85) if you want to kill this character. You are going to have to earn it but the reward is that the enemy faction can no longer get missions in their fort or tent until it respawns.

Dividing the missions into two categories.
groupers (missions that rally players together, they dont pay much but can be done in rapid succession)
pullers (missions that pull players away from the forts and tents to stimulate a struggle, and they should pay more to discourage players form ignoring them)

THE CONVOY puller- team fortress two had an escort multiplayer mission where teams had to defend a cart and deliver it to its destination while the other team has to destroy it. I propose a multi caravan convoy that has to travel from the town or border, to the fort or tent which would pull players away from the fort or tents for a certain amount of time. however the enemy faction has to destroy all 3 caravans to prevent a victory. one caravan should have a war horn, one should have a turret and one should have a cannon completely usable.

SABOTAGE grouper- in 3 minutes, teams have to defend the fort while the others have to attempt to tamper with the forts defenses. with visual smoking effects for the already affected equipment. total sabotage of all the equipment is required for victory while defending teams have to repair the equipment.

DEMORALIZE THE ENEMY grouper- capture the flag between the fort and tent its been tried tested and has held its own for decades as a standard multiplayer PVP game type.

DOUBLE AGENT puller - intercept the defector, track and capture or eliminate the defector who is currently trying to flee the territory. take the intel carried by the defector and bring it back to your faction rep or take it to the enemy’s faction rep for no faction points but an increased monetary gain.

SPECIAL DELIVERY grouper - deliver a caravan loaded with explosives to the enemy’s fort or tent players must physically push the caravan and defend it to succeed.

ASSASSINATE THE COMMANDER grouper - kill the commander, stealth optional.

SUBTERFUGE grouper - deliver the fake orders to the corrupt faction rep without being detected by the guards.
Optional puller kill a messenger last reportedly seen in-between the town and the seige, take his letter and deliver it to us for a bonus.

FOOT PAD puller - circuit race, run and deliver a note to 4 destinations within the timer to receive a reward.

KING OF THE HILL grouper Hold the middle ground for a collective time of 10 minutes (one man holding position is 20 minutes, two men holding position is 10 minutes, 3 men holding position for 6.66 minutes, 4 men holding position for 5 minutes) and time doesnt reset upon death

MAGE-BALL Grouper a flock of turkeys are in the battlefield. we cant let these get us in a fowl mood. take them out. 2 minutes to kill 20 turkeys may the best mage win.

RESIDENT CORRUPTED grouper a micro demon is loose nearby, small but absolutely deadly. take it out. if you die you rise up as one of them with a 50% health debuff but a 125% damage increase. you slowly loose health but gain health per players defeated. you loose the ability to perceive friend from foe except other corrupted, you gain 50% haste for 5 mins and gain a small faction bonus bonus for every man killed. but killing the demon gets you a lot of faction points.

if you have any objections to this I would like to hear from you
if you support this idea I would like to hear from you as well.
if you have any ideas of your own, please feel free to add them.

That sure is a lot of words that no one with any decision making authority is going to read.

Good day Sir


I think that had more to do with entire discord companies just posting one thing like “today we are posting nerf posts on the forums and we are looking for your participation, copy this post and doll it up a bit with your own words to make it look like a unique opinionated thought.”
It would explain the insane numbers of nerf the fire staff, nerf the void gauntlet, nerf the …
So yeah if 98% of posts get flooded out much like the global chat with spam than of course there is no reason why the mods would be submitting anything else but. Its malicious forum usage and its bled into meta gaming and development mods and the public should be able to find out which companies are posting the most feedback and be able to filter that out to get more broad spectrum voices of what other people like out there.

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Brimstone is great cant wait for the next big patch! hope for pvp content


they nerfed graphics HARD tho if you compare now to launch, old screenshot from beta if you compare that to now

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Tbh I’m pretty sure they somehow need it, tho probably what they may need even more than story purchases is associated with twitch prime subs who’s main reason for purchase was New World. With this AGS will have good enough money flow to continue improving New World

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To be honest there much better way to understand what do players like: metrics and analytics and NW got a lot of them since the launch :wink:

There is only so much we can discern from analytics. To over simplify instance there are 200,000 players that are currently playing and doing faction quests and missions. So lets say for example that 10% are doing them and now we have more quests that you can shake a stick at. So today lets say we have 40,000 players and peak numbers are 80% are just trying to clear the missions on their maps. Thats 32,000 to 20,000 people thats a 160% increase in players doing missions and faction quests. Way to go team. Even currently when doing their surveys. Thats barely mentioned and not even based on the quality because how does one measure the quality of a quest without going into some grade 10 english and drama class type nonsense. Instead they let the algorythm do the quest making and then sprinkled on a few decent ones and called it a day.
Alternatively they have 20% players playing arena and opr while other months have seen 12% playing opr, well we just had an expansion so of course those numbers would be up. Analytics isnt a measure of enjoyment, its a measure of attendance and i wouldnt regard attendance as entertainment when the game is designed around the crack algorythm.

I’m afraid you never worked with data on any big project :frowning:

Amount of information in hands of AGS allows them to do tons of incredible tricks with that information, from very deep understanding of each milestone on the way from 1 to 60 to the behaviour evolution of player with every hour of playtime.

What you did is spent 5 minutes on calculations, but there people who spend weeks and month of work time to make calculations, apply lots of coefficients, request addition data points, arrange collected data in cohorts of dozends and hunderds of user-generated events, linked and not with specific players.

I just hope that people behind analytics and decision making are actually forced to play game at least 2h/d on average :smiley: