AGS did the impossible. Crafting was killed even more with this patch!

I didn’t think it was possible to kill crafting even more AGS, but you did it! Now because of the really amazing OPR cache drops, crafting is even more useless. Why should I craft anything if I can just play OPR or do dungeons to get better gear?

Good update by the way. Just wanted to raise more awareness about how BAD crafting is right now. I was saving asmodeum to roll some armor, but I think I’ll just play OPR a few weeks to see what I can get from that instead.

At this point I assume the March patch will just delete crafting from the game altogether. Honestly, don’t mind playing OPR all the time, but feels bad knowing I wasted my life leveling up crafting early game.

Are there ANY plans to revamp crafting in anyway?

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just like the other thread from way earlier.

it isnt.

the opr loot box is random AF. people have been opening hundreds and getting nothing

its about the same time investment as crafting still and its still a crap shoot for actual BiS

at worse it might kill the purple good enough market but thats about it.

I opened 30 caches and got this:

Not BiS or anything, but this is definitely useable for great axe light armor build right since it has two good perks? This is the only think I have 600 expertise so I assume I would have gotten more stuff that is decent. How is increasing the odds that you get good gear not a net negative for crafting? That literally makes no sense. Even if crafting is still viable, crafting getting worse this patch is not a false statement. So how many times can crafting get worse in each patch they release, but still be viable? Get real. Let me guess… YOU DON’T CRAFT.

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I stated they should allow for the Use of Umbral Shards to Guarantee a 2nd Perk and a 3rd Perk.

Cost would be high. 2,000 for 2nd perk and 3,000 for a 3rd perk.
But it would raise the value of crafters like crazy. Especially because Umbral Shards cannot be traded.

yeeeeaaaaaaah dont get upset.

iv burnt way too much money worth of crafting materials for even close to bis and got nothing. absolutly nothing

its the same case with these caches. sure you took maybe a 1% loss in potential revanue for people running non stop oprs.

those opr runners still have to open enough crap to fill all 10 slots worth of bis gear

crafters can target exactly what they want. it is still the best possible way to get end game gear

the item you got is literally worthless. its worth less than a good enough purple since you cant even sell it.

thats the way it is for the majority of everyone else

worse off its random.

have fun getting a mish mash of heavy light and medium armor.

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You literally say you burnt too much money crafting, but in the same breath you say crafting is not dead. I’m just going to say you agree with me and move on with my life. You like crafting being dead because you don’t do it anymore. It benefits you for crafting to stay dead. That’s the reality. You’re just a contrarian.

Anyone else have any opinions?

what im saying is that its the same as it was before.

nothing has and nothing will change because of this

OPR caches are too random.

crafting was dead from birth due to the rng

but that has nothing to do with OPR rng.

“Crafting was dead from birth”


hyup and opr isnt going to effect it as opr isnt the place to get bis or even good enough gear just due to the rng.

Crafting was already dead, this just hacked up the body to prevent ressing.

If you craft instead of selling your mats and buying what u need then youre playing wrong. Everyone needs to do this so mat prices go down and crafting becomes viable again, supply = demand

I was thinking come back to the game, because they fixed a lot of bugs in this update, but if craft is so inviable I will postpone my decision, because craft and gathering is what distinguish NW from others MMOs, aside with cadencial combat.

Crafters like to gather, craft and selling things, it’s the core of our playstyle different from players who like to engage in wars or dungeons, because fighting is the appeal, the gear is the middle not the end.

If someone know what they plan to do with craft in a long term, please explain to us. They made a good system just to put aside. Just think if they implement active skills to craft, more animations to gathering and craft like Potion Craft: Alchemist simulator and others games…

crafters gathering and burning their own stuff isnt even the best way.

its far better to just be a WW owner and buy out everything and force feed it to one or two dedicated crafters.

its a sad truth about it.

its the only way to get anything out of crafting.

They need to add OPR replicas to crafting! Each cache would give material for it, same like dungeon replicas. If you force a weapon perk the other 2 perks would be pvp related like resilient, freedom, etc.

Honestly crafting being the only way to get BiS was a little lopsided. What drops are Bind on pickup and give PVP players a chance to gear up while pvping… didnt kill crafting at all…

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