Ags do you respond to reports?

Im on Calogor server and we have bots for everything everywhere. We have harvesting bots, skinging bots, mining bots, logging bots. Some have reached lev 60, our world chat gets spamed with adds for void armor and gold now. Please do something

They don’t care about bots. I have reported the same ones for weeks. Nothing is being done about it. They ruin the entire game.

Honestly, they dont.
Theres a bot in Mimisbrunnr NA West that runs around in the same exact path for hrs outside of WW.
Ive been reporting him on daily basis since three weeks ago. Both in game feedback feature, and in game report feature, he is still there botting to this day.
They ignored our feedbacks, and lied about reports.

Bots are welcome they pad the numbers up, I wouldn’t be surprised if AGS are running them to be honest.
Congratulations :partying_face:


Lol ive learend this ones path. I have ran its mote route and the amount of motes i have gathered is insane. I stay infront of the bot and train mobs to it to kill it. its kinda pointless in game but makes me feel better Happy Thanksgiving by the way !

They didn’t ignore i gusse , but they are looking for a anti bot like other company , probably they gona fix in few week/month.

Now we haven’t Overwolf mini-map addon, but we still having the bots route for some good routes of iron-silk etc. :slight_smile:

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