AGS does not value your time

After each update, after each patch AGS proves more and more they don’t value you as a customer. They don’t value your time. Grinding is such a chore and mindless farming is time consuming with BS results. So when they suck the life out of your day they don’t even reward you for it. What’s even more sad is that after all the mess we’ve been through, ZERO compensation. Nothing that says “Hey, we se sorry for wasting your time with our bugs, here’s a little somebody.”

They continue to prove that you are insignificant to them. 800k pop now dipping below 100k. “Nothing to see here.”

I’ve never seen a more blind or apathetic gaming company in my decades of gaming. Since when do games become a chore??? Since when are they designed to suck the life out of your day if you want to accomplish anything?

Get your shit together AGS.


How many times do you log back in after having you time wasted?

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I enjoy the grinding it’s relaxing for me. My only complaint is getting banned for "abusive behavior " when I didn’t do anything. Then just got the same cookie cutter email with a different signature everytime I tried to contact support.

Actually they tried to compensate us for wasted time but really ended up stuffing that up too.

Ref. EU compensation glitch causing servers going down for 13 hours to rollback server clocks by an hour

It’s a fucking game. You’re not valuing your time if you’re playing it instead of doing something productive with your life.

AGS does not value your time

Do you think I value my own time?
Why would I be here if I did?
Ridiculous :cowboy_hat_face:

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Twice a week.

What a dumb comment. Spending time gaming is what a lot of gamers enjoy doing on their time off. What do you do on your time off? Soak in vagisil?

That sucks dude. Sorry to hear that. But I’m not surprised considering this companies behavior.

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