AGS doesnt play their game - Killing Bruiser Builds - Why are AGS so out of touch with the fansbase?

If AGS played their game they would not have made the changes that literally gimps the entire Bruiser class completely.

I have been playing since launch, had to change for metas multiple times, finally rolled/bought majority of my set to be complete, its taken months to do and they’re going to gimp it into the ground.

If you dont want the game to die don’t go through with the changes that ruin Bruiser class.


They did changed fortify. So medium will be even more tanky while light more squishy. So you can compensate on that.

It will be just very risky to go into clumps if you are not 300con and it should be. Now there is a space for heavy tanks - thx to 300 con grit and fortify change.


Melee should deal no damage? How is that balanced?


Who is telling you that ou cant? You can. But you cant LMB click with out thinking what enemis around you are doing. Now if you do misplay you will be punished. Like every other build in this game since day 1.

If you feel its to complex for you - go 300 con in cost of additinal dmg. Easy.


Almost every weapon dps got nerfed. If you want to keep your dps high then stay at 300str. You will finally open your eyes instead of just left-clicking but yea…


No one on point that played melee could hack and slash like you think. That is what we do in pve only or chasing someone’s back off point.

In clumps we mainly fight other bruisers and are timing i-frames and using abilities mostly. The lmb narrative is not based in reality and dumbs down feedback and conversation on the game to nonsense.


Now you will send tanks to fight on point. Simple?
Bruisers will fight around them. First line - tanks, second line - bruisers.

So you max is LMB spam and you get play better - go tank.
If you can pay attention to what is going on screen and can manage stamina properly - go bruiser.


There is a very small minority who are interested in playing as no damage melee in pvp.

We want to do damage just like mages and dex players do. Instead we do nowhere near the damage since the game launched and now it looks like even less.

Wrong direction for balance.


All we really habe to dodge was the shockwave. Anything else is not even close of getting killed within seconds. Standing inside of sacred-leftclicking-dodging shockwaves

Basically all we have to do as a bruiser. Ducking lame gameplay for over a year now


Amazon just fixed most stupid part of mass pvp and you all cry that it does not require more skill. Rlly?

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actualy many people agree with the changes.


Wrecking ball. You dodge non stop on point or you die if nothing else to get shirking fort going.

They are literally playing the game. >.>

I am just gonna say it. If you can run certain dungeons in less then 50% of the alloted time just because you chose a specific weapon build. This nerf to pve is overdue.

Oh and btw. They are slowly implementing the changes. BUT for you to criticise them, you actually should play with them for a few days and get used to them.
Instead a few people just came to the forum crying after literally hours of the change.

.> There have been people crying for a year… for months… waiting and waiting and waiting… and not getting the gatekeeping to meaningful pvp removed. SOOO frigging many players complained.
And guess what… recent survey adressed what they should adress. And thats how they build their roadmap. Although i do agree that it could have been more comprehensive, a great amount of people put effort into telling them what was really on their mind.

Why are you destroying bruiser build? They are not. They are nerfing that stuff which has sucked the life out of many classes currently ingame. If a weapon destroys the mechanics of other weapons and it was not the designs intention, it gets nerfed.
Like the literal homing into people, the literal light armor abuse. The 50 con, 300 strenght rest dex nightmares.

Most of the community wants balanced play.
SO instead of coming here and just saying “uwu you are destroying it” actually take your time and analyse whats happening.

Like someone else already said. Open your eyes.

Because we mages… had to do that for a frigging year.
And yes… there are other posts out there that ask for more regular adress of such concerns.
And quite possibly the new road map may actually allow for that.


so they ruin light and medium and buff heavy?

No. The nerf gs and hatched.
Although i do agree there is no OP mage in light armor anytime soon.

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They rebalance them yea. Thats why so many dmg nerfs all around. Everyone except heavy would die faster now so they had to lower dmg and reduce cc on all but heavy armors.

Meta is going to shift hard.

are you many people? its literally screwed over people that were spending months getting to bis, ags dont play their game and appeal to crybabies on reddit.

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that’s just how MMOS work. get used to it.

Well that’s your problem dude. Balance changes happen in every game.

I don’t know, i only see one of them here now.