AGS fix your desync. my god. look at this desync

how? why? why dont you fix this? this is a common occurence. getting hit MID roll, like literally MIDDLE OF IT, not begging…


Hello papayax999, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Discussion Générale” section to the English “General Discussion” section.

This is happening non-stop lately. Feels like it’s getting worse and worse


Give them server name. Couse on server i do play this does not happen. So its your server or just you.

LOL! That’s that SF5 rollback netcode.

We need this to be fixed this is consistently bad…

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was this sent to the dev team too? has to be. this is literally a minute occurence on valhalla…

Supes nice

Welcome to new world. :partying_face:


still awaiting for acknoledgment from devs. where are you. you move post but dont acknowledge. this is a consistent issue.

you have bugs that no one casres about fixed, but this high priority. fix it now.

fix you desync ags.

Noticed these issues happen more frequently in arenas

P.s. you dodged backwards and were dead from a misplay :stuck_out_tongue:

Just some food for thought. You’re playing on one of the highest population legacy servers. It’s the Thanksgiving week for the US which means many families gather together for this holiday and that means many people, like myself, take the whole week off work. AGS is most likely running a skeleton support crew this week, yesterday, today and tomorrow specifically, so the Community Moderator that love your post most likely only has an on-call DEV to contact in the case of game-breaking bugs or issues that arise. Your de-sync issue is game breaking for you, but not a server-wide, cross-server or cross-region issue, so you’re probably on the back burner until Monday when normal work resumes in the US. Take some time off the game to unwind if it’s causing you too much stress when you do play,. Just my opinions though. :man_shrugging:

this is potentially testable probably

new world seems to scale your melee hit tracers based on move speed

whenever i am slowed, my melee hits do not register even if i visually connect
whenever i have haste, my melee hits are extremely reliable and will hit people i didnt visually connect with

possibly because leaping strike is such a fast movement, the tracers also are extended? who knows

dont press anyhting, then dodge. you will roll backwards. i was holding W for roll and desync made me not register the walk and i went backwards. happens often.

I once rolled off the edge of the Neishatun arena because of this. Holding W and dodged, yet went backwards off the edge :skull:

You are awfully high and mighty huh? This OP has a valid concern. Why are you always so condescending and toxic?

desync? youre playing with a 80ping…

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What in I wrote was “high and mighty”, huh? :joy: What in I wrote was condescending, huh? :rofl:

I have 2 computers. One is a laptop with a 1080 and the other is a desktop with a 2080 super. Same internet. Computers are right next to each other. The laptop does have a lot of desync. The 2080 super is always smooth and never any desync. Your computer setup matters big time.