AGS fix your desync. my god. look at this desync

Nothing to do with specs. It the server. It got worst when they added fresh start servers. They probably run on the same network and messed up the rest of the servers.

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I play the same character on the same server and it’s night and day difference between my 2 computers. So it’s clearly not the server from my experience. If it was I’d have desync on my 2080 which I don’t. It is without doubt the 1080 computer.

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Since last week this “desync” it’s been happening on NW. If you search on internet, there’s was a bad windows update envolving it, nvidia is running a fix but still not working for everyone. In game, it’s getting hard to play on Expedition, because this “freeze” “delay” “frames missed” is killing us.

Server: Devaloka


Just imagine how bad it’s going to be cross play. Scares me actually

4090, 13900k here. Desync is not the same as low fps or fps drops. My fps is around 200 most of the time but can go down to around a 100. I can tell there is desync when I am running on a constant fps with constant ping. Projectiles going through enemies, meele doesnt hit or hits you mid roll or out of range. There is also a weird lag going on where it feels like your fps goes down below 60 even though its high hundreds and lasts for a few seconds.


.08 miliseconds. ya idk about that bud. Ifi t was as simple as adding a server in us east closer to florida, ill take it.

ya its the desync. i got 4090 and 13700k. one of best PC out there rn, and i get desync issues which i know are server based 100% because of how the game works. for example wen u fast travel to a area, the first ~10 seconds are laggy. you get the most ‘desync’ in that time like stam goijng grey, weapons not switching, things gettin stuck, rubber banding, etc.


Ive played with a ryzen 3900x / 2070,
and now with i12900k / 3090TI,
1 gig fiber wired connection.

I can repeatably spam dodge roll in the same direction during wars and itll slingshot me literally from A point to B or B to C -

When Im running with a group,
Ill end up getting there 3-4x faster than the rest
of the group.

Ive always wondered wtf caused this.

Ive used many many different RAM setups between these 2 PCs, so its not that.

Havent played in a while but Im sure I could find a clip on Twitch if I looked hard enough.

It was never intentional.

This stuff has been in the game since day. I’ve played on 3 different east servers and 3 west severe. It has been a massive problem for ever. It has been improved but there are patches were the game just seems to revert back to how it was 6 months ago.

Happens to me all the time, I get knocked down before the animation is even half way cast. Plenty of times it works as normal.

Is this the same issue in PvE where mobs can hit you in melee even if you are behind the mob? It fucking blows especially in mutations where mobs can one shot you.

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Fix your servers ags. you chose terrible lumberyard engine, i want the desync fixed. fix it.

Devs respond to me. I am oen of your most dedicated players. where am i in your youtube post? the desync is the biggest issue. no balance should be done until we can literally find out why I’m getting hit before i even see the animation or mid roll.

Fix this. Respond.

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