AGS, fix your game

This is actually crazy that these kinds of bugs still exist, we’re how many months in now?

Where’s my riposte?

And shower has exactly what to do with anything in my post?

The video shows the issue, but here you are regardless.

  • Character Name

  • Issue that occurred
    Riposte fails to activate, but still goes on cooldown if you are stunned right after you activate the ability.

  • Time and Date
    See video timestamp

  • World/Server
    Castle of Steel

  • Location where issue occurred

  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue
    Play Rapier, try to riposte just before you get stunned

I missed the line under the vid… What I get for no coffee in the morning :slight_smile:

Still you can see the riposte did fire off, but you were not facing the attack. Just scroll the video a little and you see what happens.

It fires off, but no iframes are gained and the animation is not played. CD just disappears. If it actually worked as you say then i wouldnt have been stunned to begin with.

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