AGS give us "Streamer-Free" Servers

As a company we vividly discussed which Server we’ll choose.
Thanks to Streamers on New World we wanted to get on a Server that isn’t flooded with streamers, as they - imho - ruin the game.
We found Ravenal. 'Till this morning, mostly Streamer free. Over night several Streamers found together and decided to switch the server.

Everybody who follows, join company, give us at least 1.000 gold, and leave to let the next ones in. That surely isn’t the way AGS thought the regions will be claimed.

Give us Streamer Free Servers. Q’s are ridiculous, the economy is off balance, faction numbers extremely uneven…so on and so on. Give us Servers that won’t let you join when you have a linked twitch acc with more that e.g. 100 followers.


Actually a really nice idea! take my +1…
In so many cases these stream ppl are rlly annoying for everyone else on the specific server…

Streamers might be a pain in the butt in this respect (and some might say a pain in the butt in general, but I certainly couldn’t comment on that), but at the end of the day they are private citizens who can join any server they want, and exert any real-world ‘power’ on followers they want. No different to someone running a large guild who can do exactly the same thing.

Our guild has a couple of thousand members and the New World chapter has had nearly 500 members buy copies of the game to find that at the last minute streamers come on an take over the server. It’s not a level playing field when streamers with Twitch drops can pull a large following, gather up enough gold to buy 3 territories in less than a day.

Our players are having a hard time even getting past the queues and we’re not able to play as a guild. This is really an untenable position for our guild because of this issue.

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