AGS going to make this game easy

Everything new incoming in October patch, gonna be easy to gather…

There were finally made something to people, who spent a lot of time, i mean

OPR / Arenas gypsums, you need time and effort to get them, now its only a gypsums casts and only 5 for each heartrune… Why they taking this way to let players have everything with any single effort and time spent on the game?

Seems like they want to have every single player with everything, something that in other MMO’s its not happening, cuz time spent on the game rewards you with the gear / things, but there? Soon everyone who gonna be back in the game will have same things as players who spent 2k+ hours

Do you think is that the good way to go?


I agree. Eveen the attunement quest to unlock the heartrune slot took less than 10 minutes.

As a comparison. In vanilla world of warcraft you had to do an attunement quest in order to be able to enter a raid boss dungeon.

That quest chain took me probably a week back in the day. It was difficult and complicated. And some parts of it required a full 5 man party to kill some special mobs which you had to go look for because the patrolled around s large area in seperate zones.

It’s still one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in gaming and even now 14 years later. I will never forget the satisfaction and slight fear and adrenaline i felt when i stepped inside that dungeon for the first time . When i could walk through the portal and actually enter. It made all that hard work so rewarding and it made that dungeon sooo damn cool.


Way better than a dead game with only people who won’t leave cause they already put in 1.5k hours into the game lol


Yes I absolutely think this is a good way to go. Stop trying to gatekeep things from people with less time to devote their life to a video game.


I agree game is far to easy anything you want in this game anything you want takes a maximum of one week or less most of the time, very different to other MMOs therefore you don’t feel any achievement for the time you invest.

Very correct with your bottom statement there is no point playing in-between updates since as soon as an update comes around you can complete it in a matter of weeks and can pretty much leave the game until the next update as you cant gain anything over other players by staying longer since there are no long term goals in this game it is all very quick.

I play Old-school Runescape and on my current ironman account I want to do COX which is a dungeon and I’m hoping that by early next year I have the requirements, EARLY NEXT YEAR!



Nothing in this game requires 1% of brain to acquire, literally. It’s a pure grind and that’s it. That being said, what do you mean when you say “are they going to make it easy”. Your definition of easy and hard in the context of content is wrong. The game is already “easy”, all it takes endless grind, lucky crafts, etc and you can get your BiS gear on the AH.

If you mean, are they going to make the game accessible to 99% of the player base that have jobs, lives, family, etc. as they can’t farm 20 hours a day, like the 1% of the sweaty player base? I truly hope so, so we can see this game live.


This game is incredibly quick as it is mate.

I think players like myself just want some long term goals to be introduced, It is fine for casual players like yourselves to have shorter goals to achieve but we would like something a bit tougher not just difficulty wise but also time, you do not have to participate if you do not like it you have plenty to do I’m sure, and in the end you will also reach those goals organically in the coming months/years if you are still playing.

At this point in time you must also realize that a lot of the content is not incredibly time investment heavy to reach especially compared to other MMOS so us players that would like to see some of this content should also be included here, as I’ve said you do not need to rush to achieve it you will organically reach it through time played no matter who you are some will just get there faster then others and that’s ok.


I’m not a casual player, I have 1300 hours played into this game. And I have fully topped character on Dry Tree.

Just because I do, it doesn’t mean that’s how the game is suppose to function. for 1300 hours, I never ONCE got an item I actually equipped. My entire gear is from the AH. The game is pure grind and requires absolutely no skills to acquire anything, other then time.

So my only point is, let’s not mix “easy or hard” with tedious and hard. This game requires no skill, it requires time.


I can understand every single point of your views, but an MMO requiers time to get something as a reward, and there we go with New world, everyone can get everything, something that in others MMO aint happening.

Maybe i have a different view of a MMO, but in my mind MMO comes to spent time, hard to get some things, hard things do… Ofcs there need to be things easy to do also, but, they are making literally everything easy and soon there will not be nothing hard, with spending 1/2 per day u will can get everything

We started from a grinding game where crafting was rly hard and getting some bis item was rare and was expensive, now we got timeless shards with 1 perk fixed with less useless perks on craft, soon gonna be 2 fixed perks as it was on the event.

Grind will be literally out soon of the game and there will be nothing more than Open world and others MMO, it clearly gonna be a game where many plays and everyone will have everything with doing nothing special.

I don’t disagree with neither of you. I’m just saying, let’s not mix “hard” with “tedious”. That’s my entire point.


If the game had launched in exactly this state I firmly believe it wouldn’t have lost so many thousands of concurrent players. I’ve just returned after quiting in January and the game’s hugely more fun now.

And yet still the content itself is challenging enough and the time sinks are plentiful and still lots of leveling tracks to progress through. One might almost think that fun content was what players wanted…

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Yes. Accessability is good. What kind of stupid question is that?

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You don’t get the point of the post, the game is already accessible.

No i get it. I don’t agree with it is the word you’re looking for.

The game is accessible at the moment enough, i mean everything is going into the point where you will can play 2 hours per day, and you will have the same things as others than spent more than you.

The game lost many players, because of bugs, ques, not finished end game as its now, and with finished end game i mean, crafting was not posible, gs was capped at 590, quests bugged, things imposible to gather because it was buged etc…

Ofcs we can agree with that if, it would lunch as its now, it would have at least 200k+

You don’t agree that some players would like more long term goals?

I’m sure long term goals are good for everyone playing some would just get there faster then others but organically everyone would get there by playing.

But I dont see an issue? Just because someone else aquires something that doesn’t mean i now I have less of it…

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Everyone would want long term goals, I don’t see where anyone disagreed with that?