AGS going to make this game easy

One of the reasons players left is because they didnt want to play the same content like we have been doing for the past year. Some of us enjoy doing the same thing forever but most dont. Dont overlook the fact that the game is pretty shallow and its only grind, grind is one of the reasons people left as well.


Who says you can’t have long term goals? Sounds like you didn’t read shit now…

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Thats the point of MMO’s, Hack and slash games (some different type), you need to do many times some thing to get a good reward, something that people whichone started playing this game cuz of youtubers/streamers dont understand.

Yeah I understand that there is a difference between hard and tedious but some of us just want long term goals whether that is play time investment to achieve or hours at practicing a boss and its difficult mechanics to kill both can be included.

all good.

Nah, people left the game cuz of bugs, not finished endgame, not posible ending quests, lags etc…

We all want the long term goals, indeed. That way, tedious becomes meaningful and one can look forward to something in the future. Right now, everything is pure RNG. Crafting, looting, dungeons, etc. And that’s what I mean. The time investment isn’t the problem, the problem is where that time goes. And right now, nothing is meaningful about New World grind.


Yeah I agree, the one little thing I disagree with is I like a little bit of RNG like a cosmetic or a pet that might have a 1/1000 drop chance or something from a specific enemy for a little bit of excitement that stuff is cool.

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Agreed on the cosmetics, too. I played WoW for like 15 years, farmed the mounts like crazy. That should indeed be unique and should reward those who “put in the effort”. Other systems whatsoever, not so much.


Exactly would love pet or cosmetic hunting to be a thing in new world and the good thing is you don’t have to hunt them if you don’t want to and they wouldn’t give an in game advantages.

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Exactly thats what i mean, before even the major trophies for Angry earth, losts etc were hard to get, now things like it are easy to get. Something that were rare its being common. And its one of that things that were tedious cuz it was one mob to kill.

With the patch incoming i mean everything is going to be like it literally, soon we gonna get that thing from elite chests that will allow you to craft things with 2 fixed perks so bis items will be soon more common, that means market gonna be dead, runs that where rly kinda spent time to get, are now reduced to common almost, from 25 runestons to 5, from a lot of different gypsums to 5 gypsums casts (quests on Brims gives them a lot),

Something that could be really a little bit more long term goal is being for everyone atm.

When people hit the “wall” when the game first came out, they left.

This game was deader than dead after a record launch.

The reason people are coming back is that the developers finally busted some holes in the wall to let everyone get back into a progression. Right now the game is fun, alot more accessible and the upcoming stuff they’ve been testing and showing looks fun too.

They tweaked the formula and it’s working. Nobody likes super-grindy gameplay except for the very small few that have all the time in the world to spend on it.

The majority of people have lives, and therefore less time to play games. Those are the core customers that should be obliged. The game is still very challenging, it’s just getting a lot more accessible now.


The vast majority of players left before even hitting close to lvl 50.
The game was a MASSIVE grind for no reason and then there was all this talk about severly gated endcontent. So why even play.
Not to mention that after throwing out way too many servers and no merges the worlds felt dead after 3months. Since it’s obvious any release will have more active players than 3months later, no matter how good.
It was a laggy, buggy, pointless grindfest in a beautiful but dead world
Most people never even did the endgame runs, and those who did backthen had nothing else to do than eliteruns as a daily habit for basically nothing

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Why don’t you craft yourself perfect BIS gear then? The idea you can easily get that is false. I have 4K hours in the game and don’t have perfect BIS on my main wep. If you get it for your main weapon make another set perfect BIS. There are plenty of long term goals. We don’t need content gated behind useless grinds.


How can you craft when nodes are camped 24/7 ?

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I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you here.

In my opinion, a misconception that you are lead by seems to be that you think that having something hard to get implies fun or “hard”, or even, a challenge. But that’s not it.

By reducing a drop rate of some arbitrary crafting item, you are not making the game more fun, you are just making it more tedious. That’s not what challenge, fun or content is.

There is nothing wrong with being able to craft an awesome item, easily. But even better, there should be a content that requires skill, and if you have this skill, you get even better, more unique special items. And that’s what the game is lacking.

Just because something requires million hours to farm, because drop rate is non-existent, that doesn’t translate into fun. That’s just tedious.

But e.g. when you have a super fun raid with bunch of complex encounters that require e.g. 20 people to flawlessly execute it, and they they get rewarded by some insane items, that’s fun and skill.

So again, l believe that your assumption is that if something is hard to obtain because it has a low drop chance, that is hard. It’s not. It’s annoying and tedious and 95% of people won’t do that.


That is the same thing as a grind it would be better if BIS came from boss drops that were actually very rare then relying on crafting RNG, The thing is that with the PVP side of this game BIS changes every month or two you will forever be chasing a “BIS” crafting is much worse then “content gated behind useless grinds” because it costs a ton of money as well as RNG lmao.


Idk about you, but I know people that are 3k hours in and still not BiS’d out.

To gatekeep something like an ultimate is absurdly stupid. Maybe if you had quests that could take a week in order to tweak it or something, okay, but to gatekeep an ultimate ability that gives a massive upgrade to a kit? That’s asanine.

That would be like saying, “unlock a second slot for a weapon after 50 OPR’s.”

This isn’t a PvE focused game.


Depends what you consider as BIS or top1 Bis, for example for firestaff you dont need even to craft, you need to be lucky to get the one from oprs, i have around 3k and i have perfect items for me, ofcs they are not the bis for wars etc but in my mind are good, And with that i mean a Resilient + refreshing + shirking fortification / weapon perk / Elemental aversion.

Everything depends on your role etc.

easier doesn’t mean it is less fun

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