AGS has 10 days to revert the disasterous PTR nerfs- Will they let combat die?

Strength melee is about to go extinct.

Bows and firestaffs and blunderbusses are about to dominate OPR.

And the developer videos are talking about cosmetics and heartrunes, and not a whiff of feedback on how the changes are being received or playtested.

I guess this is going to be like the past few PTRs, where feedback was ignored and changes plowed ahead, while another 20,000 players quit.

Except that this time there’s only half that playing regularly.


Nah, I get the feeling that the RMTers and players that are still playing New World. Will continue to play New World even if AGS stab them in the back IRL. So I expect New World stabilize at like 12k peak concurrent players.

It’ll just be a extremely niche MMO that only a select few gamers can stomach.


Agreed. Its such a shame too because it has so much potential but this dev team fails horribly in every aspect. They could’ve already limited the loss of players by just letting some of the dying FSS players transfer off instead of forcing them all to just re-level/re-gear etc or quit.


Golly I hope not. Been snoozing for 6 months waiting for some form of rebalance or change.

Just 10 days till I get to revisit the game.

Excited grit finally fell off 300 strength. Been saying that shoulda happened since launch.


Ill be here whatever they do. There’s no better pvp atm.


Str melee is fine, will be fine after the patch. No need to worry, melee will still be super important and vital for all content. For most people very little is really changing. The changes are good and most people are looking forward to them, myself included as a melee player.

There are like 140k players daily at the moment, you are getting confused between daily active players and concurrent active players at peak time.


changes are amazing, shoo

Current meta is boring AF


STR losing grit could be a nice change, but unfortunately you’re coming back at the worst possible time.
Outgoing damage has been massively increased since the release of the game due to changes and player progression.

Fortify stacking, especially with shirking fort, created a bandaid solution to 1-2sec TTKs…

Aaaaaaand now fortify is getting giga-nuked from orbit. Everyone is losing about 30% effective HP. This may have the nice side effect of making light armor ACTUALLY risky to use, but will certainly have the downside of making everybody die instantly to anything.

So the OP is right - OPR will be all firestaff, bow, and blunderbuss, because they can do their burst most reliably. Admittedly, if you can adapt, this might be a bit fun for a while. But New World has 14 weapons. It’d be a shame to only see three of them 90% of the time. In fact, the math looks like theyre so ridiculously strong, theyll be toptier in arenas and wars (as if bow wasnt already in arena and BB wasnt already useful in wars)


but who cares about the opr, let them make it a separate game and let all those whiners go away and stop leveling down the playing field.


9 more days. Looking forward to the changes!

Keep doomsaying. That’s all the OP has. No real information on why. Just another “cause I said so” post.

I’m quite happy grit is finally where it is supposed to be. It’s been a huge request since threshold perks were implemented.

And a 140K avg total daily ( not concurrent) is good.
140K daily
2 hour sessions (provided by Scot)
12 sessions per day.

140K ÷12 = 11,667 CC


Plenty of info out there on why MOST of the changes are bad. You’ve already stated you only solo PvE so these combat changes have NOTHING to do with you… Firestaffs and BB are already EVERYWHERE in OPR since the patch news broke, just wait until it’s live. This whole balancing patch has nothing to do with solo PvE’ers, so your opinion is irrelevant. Yet here you are posting in every thread yet again how great these changes are. They don’t even affect your play style so why do you troll so much man?

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Let me ask you this. You say 9 more days can’t wait for these changes. What specifically are you looking forward to seeing as a solo PvE player that’s so great about the changes?

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Grit has been requested to be under Con since it was introduced since testing.

Balances creates curiosity. Doomsay creates conformity.

You chose conformity

Quite simple


I specifically asked what great changes your looking forward to and you only named 1 (1 that I actually agree with as well). That change is also geared toward PvP bruisers anyways, so irrelevant to you.


They dont affect your playstyle.

Huh? Why are you quoting 1 liners from different threads, no idea what you’re even getting at bud.

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stop cry about firestaff , we will have all nerf in the next patch

Yeah ya do.

No, I really don’t. Your too lazy to type out what you mean don’t bother responding.

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You are smarter than that im sure.