AGS has 10 days to revert the disasterous PTR nerfs- Will they let combat die?

Again with your OPR… You think this OPR is the only thing that matters? Good changes. If it gets really bad, then in 3 months they will introduce new changes. Come on, really, AGS is very fond of melee combat, but over the past year and a half was just incredible dominance of the melee everywhere. They need to do something about it. We’ll see what happens.

Give it a break man seriously. Who cares about those numbers. The fact is, I can look at any given time during a day and the pop on my server is between 400-600. That is not healthy for an MMO. There are only 3 servers that I ever see with a pop of over 1k, and the max I’ve seen the past 2 months is around 1200-1300. The rest of the servers are anywhere from 200-700ish.

and let’s be honest, at least 100 of those are bots.

You’re not the best at math methinks.

16k players average is 16k players a month

Not daily. Logging in monthly. That is not a financially sustainable player count for a game like this. AGS needs to drastically shift course to bring back the numbers, but so far we’ve seen very little of that effort to right the ship.

Don’t live in a fantasy eh

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How many daily players do you think there stated in whole numbers?

It means everything. And only AGS has that number.

People on most servers don’t even have enough population to reliably run group PvP or PvE content.

Facts are that New World is dead on most servers.

New World is pretty much a lightly supported game now. So there is no need to worry. AGS made enough money to keep the servers online for many years to come. The only thing is that New World in a year will get as much content as some other MMOs get in their bi-weekly updates.

Nah, AGS already shifted from New World to Throne and Liberty. So, there is no need to worry about AGS.

No it quite literally means nothing, total players higher than concurrent tells you that the game has dailies. Some players log in for a few mins to an hour or two, complete whatever they want and log off. Thats not playing, thats a chore. Huff more copium

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Reading isn’t your strong point eh? That’s concurrent members, As in the most people logged on at the game’s daily peak. That isn’t the total number of members that log into the game each day.

Steam doesn’t have access to, nor does it show the total amount of members that log in over a period of 24 hours. The only people who have access to those numbers is AGS, the public can make estimated guesses based on the information given by the devs etc. Even at a minimum if you took the 21k daily peak and tripled it would give you 63k players which would be the bare minimum of daily members that log into the game but realistically it’s much higher. Those 21k CC players you thought were total active in a 24-hour period are not active 24 hours a day. That 16k average is the average in a 30-day period for concurrent members online at one given time.

The charts are using the peak number or Concurrent players (CC).

People live in all parts of the world, they have lives, families etc and they play the game at all different times of the day and night, some might play for 16 hours, and some might play for 20 mins, and the rest anywhere in between those numbers. If you think that the game has an average of 16k players then you are sadly very wrong.

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problem with avarage is that is not accurate at all. I play 9-10 hrs a day and I know few people that play same amount of time. and with your calculations my avarage is like 5 players already, but I am only one. Dividing it by 3 maybe even 4 would make more sense

maybe a few thousand late night. wont be long until they leave because every server is dead unless the devs make one mega server or a NA and EU server

Your overestimations are staggering.
Let me put this in numbers easier to understand.

There is only one west coast server in the US for new world, aside from the FSS valhalla which often times is completely dead.

Thats less than 2000, or if we’re being generous, 2500 people on the entire western seaboard of the united states, one of the largest media markets in the western world playing the game at any given time.

That is what a dying/dead game looks like, unless they turn it around.


That will most likely be the solution that AGS take. The only hope you New World fans should have, is that AGS host the NA server in a central location in the US. And not on either coast, because that would suck for the other coast.

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my agree with you.

they don’t care about melee players.

no feed back on this.

I see a lot of people talking about it and the DEVs are turning a blind eye to players giving feedback.

the question is are the DEVs reading the player feedbacks that melee?


Not a fan of NW?

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Can’t wait to clump and chain stun in wars with my BB.

Some people are really overly dramatic :roll_eyes:


The US servers for NW have always been pretty low compared to some other regions.

How do you know that US west only has 2000-2500 players? No one has access to those numbers apart from AGS, Again you are taking a region’s peak number/servers maximum CC members and trying to claim that it’s the total number of players per day. You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried, I have already explained it above to you as simply as I could, Perhaps try rereading it till you understand.


Used to be a huge New World fan back in the day. But these days I’m so jaded from the way AGS handled New World. That at this point, I’m pretty neutral about it. While it would be great if AGS turned New World into a MMO that made a comeback.

I’m also not going to lose sleep if it don’t. Because in my opinion, it doesn’t seem like AGS is trying to turn New World around. Even though we told them till we was blue in the face. What they need to do to get us to love the game again.

At the end of the day, it is what it is. Now just another niche MMO whom decided to switch up to cater to minority. Who are not even interested in playing MMOs of this nature in the first place. And completely threw away the many fans, who provided free word of mouth advertisement throughout the previews and BETAs. Again at the end of the day. It is what it is.