AGS, has anyone there played Dark age of Camelot?

Do that for the PvP and you’re golden… simple as that… do some research on DAoC’s RvR… realm abilities, relics, frontier zone and Darkness falls dungeon that opens to whoever owns the most lands… GG people wont cry about PvP content anymore, except zergs lol… but there will be small man action, solo action, and group fights galore all while defending or sieging lands.

You guys already have the 3 faction system, use that for the foundation… Talk to your faction rep to port to the frontiers etc etc…

@Luxendra or someone?

obviously after fixing the game’s current foundation of course. the Desync… everything unbalanced and problematic to the game. Exploiters… bugs…


Would love this


me too… me too…


ESO is almost a carbon copy of DAoC’s pvp system. Why not just play that instead?

Would love to play NW’s take on DAoC’s NF / GW2’s AvA / ESO’s Cyrodiil, but am doubtful that will ever happen.

It’s clear that that kind of PvP attracts way more people to participate than the flag-style PvP.

Not sure the game engine will be able to cope with it, but a DAoC style BG would be nice and more doable.

because ESO was garbage? it also only shared 1 aspect of DAoC… which was 1v1v1 3 realm system, 3 faction system… it’s combat wasn’t a copy of daoc, nor was the lands or the objective behind owning lands. nor did it have realm ranks that had realm abilities per class… they had a different system that was pretty garbo… it’s insulting DAoC to say ESO was a “Carbon Copy”. there is NO true copy to DAoC yet.

I dont think you really played ESO. It was like a 100% rip off of DAoC when it came to RvR. However, I will agree with you that the characters/abilities were not the same and the game was not as good.

nah I played ESO, it was not even close to a copy to DAoC aside from the 3 way system. that’s quite it… specially it’s PvP. I played when there was a vet system in place too… the combat wasn’t even close to DAoC either… it was straight arcade nonsense. lol

to say ESO is a carbon copy to DAoC is insulting… just as insulting as saying ESO is a carbon copy to oblivion or Skyrim XD

Back when I played ESO, there weren’t any keep sieges, or relics or 3 lands that each “Realm” ported into (frontiers) none of it resembled DAoC for me.

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How about make everyone pvp and add in an alignment system (punishment for killing player) and company warring system (company A declares war to company B, B accepts and everyone turns ‘X color’ to be freely attacked around the world.

Scrap the carebear instanced pvp already.

What I’m asking for is a large and instanced open zone(frontier), 3 zones. 1 per faction, each having it’s own keeps(forts) to siege, remove the stupid flag control points and replace it with a fort “lord” NPC that has to be killed for any guild to take control of said fort. perma flagged in this frontier, have incentive to PvP like Darkness falls was to DAoC, but we’d need something for New World. a new 3 way dungeon with raid content that is only opened to your faction, IF and only if your faction owns the most keeps/forts.

etc etc. if you ever got down on DAoC, you’d know how epid the end-game was. truly never ending and didn’t get boring, even 20 years later lol

The last time i played which was a year ago they had all that stuff. You took forts to reduce the power to the keeps, there were sieges and they had a relics type system that gave buffs to factions.

see, but their foundation was still arcade vs this game’s immersion and combat system plus ESO’s war map was just 1 location. it was immediately bland and your PvE players didn’t benefit from the PvE taking over keeps… ESO was too arcade and unbalanced. even then, they must have added all that way after I played, I played ESO for maybe 4-6 months before quitting due to the vet system… They even removed that system as well. but it’s little too late. New world though… it would benefit so much more with these systems in place.

it’s close to being mirrored, conceptually.
3 Factions = 3 Realms
Forts = Keeps
there just isn’t any incentive for PvP except wars in NW atm. if they had a frontier zone, where small mans, solos, group vs groups, zergs vs zergs… I’d be in for the long run. ofc after they start fixing the damn game first… but then, yes. all day. I would LIVE in the frontiers.

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BAHAHA bro you are hella trolling. ESO is NOTHING of a daoc rip off not even close. OBV you never played dark age of camelot. Just because it was 3 factions does not mean it was a daoc rip off. If it was it did a very poor job

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