AGS has the audacity to try to sell us a expansion

I find it a slap in the face that AGS would think it deserves to try to sell us a expansion at the end of the year.

The expansion at the end of the year should be free and it should be AGS chance to regain the public’s trust and show us that they are in this for the long haul.

Make no mistake about it. AGS plans to sell you a expansion and then about a year later shut the game down. The game is already in shutdown mode they are only doing this because the work on the expansion is already mostly complete and might as well milk the cow.


This aint a charity


OP, your take is actually ridiculous. By the time the expansion releases the game will have been supported for 2 years with no monthly sub.

At this point, many people have played thousands of hours for $40. Insane value.

Of course they should charge for an expansion, and people should not complain.


Idc if its a paid or free expansion. I want it to be a worthwhile expansion that isnt washed repeat content zone with chest runs and an expedition.

I want actual open world pvp. If that comes via a paid expansion and offers great replayable pvp content im all for it.

If its just a pve expedition and chest run zone like brimstone i wouldnt be that interested.


A Chris Rock slap in the face or a metaphorical I wanna be mad about something slap in the face?


Guess it depends on the amount of the content released with the xpac, and of course the quality of said content. People are always going to complain though.

I will buy it even if I don’t play anymore in hopes that the game resurrects like ff14 and eso.


I do not mean to come in here and make you look a certain way, but here is the math.

As of right now 17 months into the game it has cost people $2.35/month at most to play this game. If you got it on a steam sale then $1.18/month (Although technically the first sale was a few months into the game)

That’s is as of right now. If you push that into the first potential paid expansion then that is 24 months or two years of development before they are asking for their first payment

That is… $1.67/month at most or $0.83/month. They are doing seasons but none of that doesn’t is locked behind a paywall and entirely free. So it is an optional seasonal fee (less than $7/month if you convert to monthly versus a $15 mandatory fee).

Brimstone was released free. (Sure argue whether or not it had enough content to be monetized, but the reality was that it was free)

People can argue it was released too early and underdeveloped. People can argue there are issues with the game, but in no way can you say that are unreasonably monetizing this game. We will see what they do with gear set storage though.

Sorry for making you look the way you do, but I suppose you were looking to discuss this on a public forum and as a result I guess that includes getting hit hard with stuff like this.


Who in their right mind would pay for an expansion until the dev team can show their customers that they can actually address issues, resolve them, listen to their community, fix bugs that have been in since day 1 (fast travel bug, crafting bug, how are these seriously not fixed yet?). There’s literally no communication to their player base, look at the dozens of threads about dead servers and not being able to even transfer off. Nothing has been said by an actual dev or anyone with any kind of authority. Total incompetence. Honestly if things don’t change I see between 5-10k active players total by the end of 2023.


I disagree. Expansions should cost money. Look at the f2p mmos like SWTOR as an example. You have to pay for expansions. Even WoW and FFXIV you have to pay. I don’t know of any fp2 mmo that gives you free expansions let alone.

Even Guild Wars 2 which is/was (not sure if it still is) Buy to Play you have to pay for expansions.

Why do people always say this? You obviously are a gen z or millennial who never got disciplined the old school way with an actual slap to the face. So no, paying for an expansion which very much should be a paid thing is NOTHING like a slap in the face.

That whole expression in general needs to go.


This aint a good game

Dude uninstall. They made a product and they try to sell it. They investe money to make so its their right to try to make money out of it. Dont like it, dont buy it.


Ok, then why are you on it’s forums? I think clash of clans is bad, I’ve never felt an urge to on their forums and tell them.


This is a good game.


Its not a scam and I dont need to be saved.


Penfold we need to save your from this amazing deal! I should sell cars.


IMO there is two sides of the story.

The game has been on life-support relying on whatever additional sales they had within the store for around 17 months already. And NW is not F2P, so I do understand why AGS is willing to charge for the expansion despite initial purchase price.

I would not be surprised if they went F2P for the base game and throw paid expansion out - just like Bungie does with Destiny 2.

Otherwise, we had a number of issues with the game, forcing certain players to either wait for graceful AGS to merge servers, or crap-out $10 for the transfer if they were willing to actually play. That itself undermines the value, regardless of the time spent in-game. We are also been seeing stealth increase to the Marks of Fortune price, all knowing AGS is going to add more purchasable convenience options, despite fixing & preventing nearly game-breaking issues, be it server stability, bugs, exploits, ridiculous balance changes, influx of players, server-exploitation and more.

If NW was ever to be F2P I would absolutely understand whatever is being sold over the store. I have played PoE and OMG - this crap is so damn expensive, though optional.

Since NW has the price-tag on both the base game and the expansion (no certainty of it so far, meaning it is a speculation only) then I do not agree with purchasable stuff like server-change tokens, convenience loadout slots or whatever else they plan to add. If there is a price to the base game, then the expansion, and the battlepass on top of it, then the only things I want to see in the store are cosmetics.

Say what now Kreskin?

Got sources for your outrageous claims? No? Just throwing out anything and hoping it’ll stick? We ALL know that the game isn’t perfect. But they ARE working on it. I feel like I’ve more than gotten my $40 worth of entertainment from the game and look forward to the expansion paid or not.


If they charge for it then I will buy it, just like most players will buy it. It’s normal and expected to pay for expansions just like we paid for the game. If they release it as free most would assume it’s not worth playing.

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TBH here, NW will have been out for right at the 2 year mark with money sales only coming from two sources…

  1. People who bought the game and
  2. Those who buy items/gear/emotes from the in-game store
    The only true money makers have been the bots :100: . Now, do I think the expansion should have a charge, absolutely. They need to be able to bring in some type of regular income bc let’s face it, the game isn’t being bought in the masses nor is the items in the store
    But…I would highly suggest to any/all working on the game devlopement, story/ies, objectives (missions), crafting, TP, wpn perks and skills fixed first and foremost before attempting to bust out yet another rushed idea/project litered with exploits/bugs/missing items and who knows what else knowing NW and all the bug issues
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