AGS has the audacity to try to sell us a expansion


I would also buy it, depending on the amount of content and new features. Although I was initially keen on purchasing battle pass along with it, seeing how they just increased MoF price without any prior notice, knowing all-well there would be an outrage, especially right after announcing more paid convenience options - it makes me question. Either way we’ll come and see within two weeks. After all I believe this is the final straw. Be it make it, or break it.

We can go on drifting with 20K players, but I don’t think this is sustainable, not for the likes of Amazon who wants sweet-sweet money pouring in.

How date they provide a live service… and ask for money every 2 years…


Sarcasm off.

Man there are so many problems to pick on… and ur picking on one thing that they actually do right… and should have done with Brimstone sands as well.

I think its like take it or leave it…u take it,u’ll get new contents…leave it,u keep doing BS ECR,lazarus n genesis…as simple as that if u think expansion is not worth ur money…don’t act like gold sellers LoL

The season pass is optional, the majority of the season pass is worthless to many players who play a lot, it’s mostly designed for those who work, have lives, family etc as a catch-up system. That said, do I plan to get the season pass? Absolutely, will I get it every single time? Probably not, it depends on the rewards that each season has. The main reason people will get the 1st season is for the extra gear set slot.

I believe just before the game came out the development team said they had enough funding to support the game for 10 years, but that was before launch and before they realised just how much work they had to put into the game to fix all the broken stuff because we as players love to test everything extensively and find and use exploits which generates a lot of additional work. With increased work comes increased additional costs, so extra ways for the game to generate money means quicker and better development. Paid expansions often mean better quality and more features compared to free expansions.

NW has a lot more than 20k players, the stats you see on steam/nwdb etc are just the maximum concurrent players that have been logged on at the same time, not the total amount of players that have logged on and played that day. So I would say as a minimum, triple the number - so 60k players daily, but the number is quite possibly much higher in terms of total daily members. Also, take into consideration that weekends are the busiest days because that is when the majority of players have the most time to play.

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I’ve played over 3600 hours for $40. Yeah I deserve more free stuff.

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What is it that breeds this melodramatic victim mentality nonsense? Just stop, no one got slapped. You are playing a little video game.


AGS isn’t smart enough to structure a paid expansion, that the game is still enjoyable and fair for the ones without expansion, that’s why i don’t think it’s a good idea.

as many people still enjoy the game as it was a one time buy
but with the amount of bugs and exploits the game is still struggling with since launch and it hasn’t gotten any better it would be a fatal mistake to charge money for an expansion.

as many people knowing this game, won’t spend another amount of money just to keep dealing with all the bugs.

sure, it’s a good game and good value, but maybe the game should enter a Beta worthy state before even thinking about charging players for content.

Oh my, a game company puts in time to make a new product, and they expect to be paid for it?! How dare they.

The game is 1000 times better than it was at launch, it’s almost like a completely different game with all the new dungeons, perks, quality of life features, Arena, OPR, the removal of untold thousands of bugs lol.

A free expansion is Brimstone, and a paid expansion is likely multiple zones, level increase, more story, cinematic experiences, new game modes etc.


i think the game feels like its in shutdown mode because of all the resources allocated to the expansion.

The expansion model is a good thing. It will bring real players back to the game.

The only thing is, they need to get the expansion right. If the first expansion fails, it will be the end of NW.

They should charge for an expansion. Their time isnt free. It costs a lot of money to make games. I quit playing at the band camp patch because of things I dont like about the game. I have 1000’s of hours into this game.

I purchased at launch, for full price the deluxe edition of the game. Even though I dont like a lot of things about the game, a lot of the development decisions, all the problems the game has had… I still got my moneys worth.

There should be no uproar from people for charging for an expansion. The only question is whether or not that expansion is worth the cost. If you played this game for 1000+ hours you got way more than your moneys worth regardless of how you feel about the game. Thats a lot of entertainment for 40 bucks or whatever you paid for it. If you say you werent entertained then you wouldnt have put that many hours into the game.


3600 hours in a video game that’s been out less than 2 years? I seriously hope you’re joking.

A paid expansion is 100% fine after 2 years IMO, their player base has shrunk and they have to keep paying their employees. They’ve said profitability wasn’t a big consideration as recently as last fall, but I think it is starting to catch up with them (skins clearly don’t generate enough revenue, but that is their fault lol).

Hence, we are seeing the seasons release and now a possible paid expansion in the fall. I’m totally fine with both, and will gladly pay for both. I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of playing NW many times over already.

I’m not

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Just wanted to correct you about the content of the expansion…

It will have:
New Story
New Expedition
New Weapon
New Heartrune
Gear Score increase
Transformed zone (i assume this means, they are going to rework a old zone ?).

Thats what has been said that the expansion will contain.

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I feel like a lightweight lol, I’m on 2.6k hours XD

Still, for $40 and that many hours no one can complain. Think about modern single-player games from AAA game studios, $70 and within 6 hours you have completed it and will never play it again.

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Ah perfect, even more stuff. So yeah 100% happy with paying for that! :slight_smile:

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I think like with the season path, it’s fair enough, and indeed, those who stuck with the game should expect having to pay for new content.

Question is though how that massive dormant player base feels, whether a paid expansion will entice many dormant players back, and looking at the content on offer, I feel no desire to open my wallet again, not before the industry standard QoL features of the core game are fixed/added, in the least.

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Deluxe package purchase here.
Played over 2500 hours.
Even gained free Marks from a free prime account. Free gear from twitch running in the background while I play.

I even spent a bit.

I see no problem with a paid expansion. But I do not think it will cost anything. BSS offered everything this new expansion will offer except the GS increase. The new expansion does not offer a new zone, it is going to be FL overhauled. BSS introduced a new zone.

You also have to consider how their systems work. Restricting this expansion behind a paywall may not work too well with all the interlacing systems they have. But who really knows?

You also got to think how much it would be? Definitely will not be close to retail. So… $20 USD? With the store aligning prices with steam’s model, this can possibly be off putting to anyone that is not paying USD. So will it be free or not?

I think it will be free. But I am not gonna argue with $20 or less for it.

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