AGS i am NOT over this yet... you ruined pvp when literally no one complained about

You got rid of GC pvp , when you could of improvised on it. You could of make it where every day a area becomes worth more points. killing people in 1 spot gets you more xp, etc.

Instead you got rid of it , and didnt discuss this with the community, and made people quit.

Why didnt you improvise? instead now we afk for 15 minutes capping forts and trading it with enemy factions? What a fantastic idea said no one ever.

You ruined PVP. Fix it. There is literally no reason to you can’t fix it. It is still a grind to do track, there is still lots of content, but instead you made it worse then a gear score grind. I literally thought that wouldn’t be possible, but atlas… you did the unthinkable.


I actually didn’t do the pvp quests in GC, but I did kill/fight the people doing the quests in GC. Now, I cannot find anyone to fight. It sucks. They either need to bring back the GC quests or make one zone a day the “PVP zone” and double the pvp exp from quests in that zone. Or anything to get open world pvp to happen.


Just make all pvp missions give extra XP based on travel distance, buff all xp to give same xp per hour as the 2 closest mission in Brightwood used to give. give better PVP killing timers and more consistent values for open world kills, EX same player needs a 15 min cooldown to get xp again unless you both kill a different player and it resets. The killed player needs to be different, so no circular killing farms, Basically you would need a huge zerg v zerg situation to keep the XP rolling.

Or let players steal most xp for missions completed but not turned in if they kill the quest holder, while not allowing respawn with quests unless full abandon. A quest cycle can only be stolen from the same player once per complete turn in so a player would have to die, then full redo the quest and die again to give xp the second time. This makes it more cat and mouse. Also can make the case to increase xp from missions higher to reflect the XP earned.

Also all forts to be a point of interest and offer bonus XP like the upper formula where no matter what so long as 2 players kill 2 separate players it resets cooldown to gain xp from those players in those zones permanently making them permanent battle grounds and buff xp earned for those that own the fort.

GC should offer less than other territories for being neutral.

Basically missions would be more of an entire Caravan minigame thing where killing and completing turn ins are high risk high reward.

Watch all faction missions zones turn into hunger games xD. This would actually be a lot of fun. This would be real open world PVP.

gotta bump this , this needs to be known.

Ags= random change.

why keep playing?

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I’m sure they are aware. But it probably didn’t fit their stubborn vision that just keeps driving people away.

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Actually there were several threads complaining about GC quests. So many pointed that it’s easy and bla bla, until few of them tried and created thread to ban the person who keep attacked them cuz its griefing :)).

I dont know why Amazon are taking so many decisions/changes based on cries on forum. The majority community is ignored by Amazon and forced to get through all forum cry changes.


The track is a grind

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they wanted the game to die soon, so they can switch to more interesting project, as well as build up their resume on cool technique, instead of new world’s framework which has nothing to do with the future career path.


This only benefits the faction with the most plp

GC missions were stupidly overpowered and needed nerf. Get over it. Only reason pvp was happening there was because how stupidly overpowered it was.

If you want world pvp, promote some solid pvp hot zone areas / events and such. Maybe around forts etc.

But it needs to be in line of other content. Literally only reason why people were in GC was that it was at least 3 to 4 times faster than running OPR, arenas or other pvp missions. And the overcrowedeness made it even stonger because of rewards from pvp kills. As you can see now. GC isnt BAD. Its comparable to other PvP areas, and I would argue that if pvp battles were still happneing there, it would still be fastest way to level, but not by a huge margin. But as you can see no one gives a f…k. Because content like this is boring for majority of people, they were there just because it was ridiculously overtuned in the first place.


literally didn’t read my post. the idea is to build on the idea, and they destroyed it. and no. you can do pvp their, AND que for opr or arena. me and many guild members and randoms did it. Now we have a dieing game. lowest monday steam chart EVER.

You are dillusional.

The same thing that messed up NW"s development is plaguing it now - lack of vision and direction. They just throw poop at the wall to see what sticks. I mean, there were and are a host of other issues, but for this particular issue and the meandering development track for pvp in general, the lack of vision and direction is the smoking gun.

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Which was evident when AGS doubled down with the 625 GS increase patch. AGS unpopular vision > keeping the game thriving.

open world pvp is the heart of this game, they MUST maintain it while still adding pve content. it’s essential.

I, like, hard disagree with you.

The world is the heart of this game. The map and the resources and animals and all the rest of the beauty in the game.

You cant tell they put their heart into making this world and the stuff in it.

PvP is something do in the world, just like crafting is. They work within each other. If you gimp one, it hurts the other. More PvP players means more more demand on the TP which means more people looking to make money by making your gear.

If PVE players leave, where you gonna roll any of that gear without playing the 1000 hours of PvE content needed to do those things. Well less now with the PTR.


ya, cause the world didnt help keep people after lvl 40. 90% from the peak didnt reach over lvl 50 guaranteed.

The game was suppose to be war /faction focused. not PVE based. But looks like theyt 180’d and focused on PVE. and that isnt working out it seems. (obviously)

Cool story bro

check mate PVE’r

pretty sure that wasnt caused by the world.

pretty sure it was exponential grind and then further increase in grind that ruined that one haus.

and that has nothing to do with pvp or pve. just desperate ineptitude.