AGS, I am sick tired of all those little things

Do You know guys how we know that development team isn;'t playing itw own game? because of all little things we should have in the game since the begining but we don’t have. I am noticing it from time to time, but because its small thing, I am usually forgetting about it later.

First little thing:

As party leader I want to be able to kick out the members of the group. It’s more than annoying, when someone go offline, and You need to wait 10 minutes to auto-kick it, because You can do shit about it.

Second little thing:
Each time we leave arena 3vs3, I need to put my potions again in the place. Who designed it to works like that?! For sure none who’s active playing the game, cause it’s more than annoying …

Third little thing:

Like for real? I can’t close the private message window until I just close the game? I am simply asking, for real? Who designed it?!

Fourth little thing:
Company search table in-game. Big short cut: this is some kind of joke, not a proper search tool.

I will keep that thread and put here all those little things. I will notice when I will be using it.

different color on enemy heal and friendly heal circles :slight_smile:


Not only heals would be nice :smiley: All that kind of skills. People requested it in last year as far as I remember.
@o-o thanks for attention

In the ptr you don’t have to put your potions back whatever you bring in is just infinite use including oakflesh and what not and also vote kick exist but it would be nice to have a party lead which there is btw for the group finder fyi. Forget about ags not playing their game do you?

That being said it would be nice to be able to close old dms without exiting to menu and back


There is no party leader function. You have to vote to kick people.

Yup. Super annoying.

Idk this just doesn’t bother me at all.

i know why


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this is the first time I heard the devs say it’s too hard to do this when any other dev team nailed it down pretty much on the first try. Too hard to simply color code enemy aoe spells red, ridiculous.

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Hey there Brawurka, thanks for coming to the forums with your feedback. I will go ahead and forward this up the chain so the Dev team can see. Have a great weekend!

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