Ags, I really want you to believe that you guys care about tanks, but

With the release of the new DG “Tempest’s Heart”, several excellent items have come for users of medium and light armor, even with very strong weapons.

But unfortunately we can’t say that about users of heavy armor, especially about sword users.

Let’s start with the weapon.

Anyone who has played with a sword and doesn’t have 300 STR knows how limited the sword’s charged attack is. It has a considerably long nimation, it doesn’t have a passive that provides grit, it doesn’t do much damage. Therefore, a weapon with a perk focused on charge attack is a limited weapon. Also, we are highly reliant on “refreshing move” as our CDs are extremely long, so not having this perk on the weapon also makes it bad.

We are talking about the new DG end game here. Dg that doesn’t provide a sword minimally comparable to the ones we currently have.

AGS insists on the idea of ​​keeping sword and shield as a binomial, however no legendary shields have been added, or even any interesting named shields.

You can even say that a great piece of tank armor like “Neishatun’s Breastplate” has been added.

However the problem is precisely in the “Sturdy Energy” perk. It’s a good looking perk, but if you look closely, it only activates after blocking a hit with less than 30% stamina. The thing is, often when you block a move with less than 30% stamina (both in pvp and pve), your stamina runs out and you get staggered, making it not so interesting. An easy way to fix this would be to change the percentage from 30% to 50%, so this armor would be awesome.

This is just the beginning, i haven’t even started to compare it with the light and medium armors that were added.

So because of these successive failures with the tanks, I’m more and more convinced that we’re not a class that AGS wants to invest in its game, both in pve and pvp.

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Agreed. Im heavy sword user. Cant see any reason to run the new dungeon. Not a single drop I want. Everything I already have is better than what drops in there.

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Exactly, do it once just to get an achievement and that’s it.

Literally all of that looks amazing to me idk.

I’m a light sns user though.

the light armor that came is amazing! the whole point here is that something really relevant to the tank didn’t come, or even a weapon/shield. you wear light armor, if you use the blocking perk you will never be able to activate it.

That’s actually not true. I’m in situations all the time where I’m running at a ranged character by mixing up dodge rolls and blocking and that perk would be awesome for stamina management.

how many melee hits can you take when you have less than 30% stamina? Remembering that the stamina reduction, whether by hit or by dodge, is not a random number, they are usually integer divisors of 100 (this changes a little with sturdy and hearty).

It depends on the weapon and if it’s a light, heavy, or skill.

I don’t know on your server, but on mine, the main melee build is GA+HW. Against this build, you can hardly block an attack (in the situation required by the perk) without expending all your stamina, 30% is too little. For those who use a tower shield with the sturdy perk it will be a problem, for “lighter” shields it will be even worse. 50% seems like a reasonable value and allows for more flexible builds.

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