AGS! important regarding ingame store

Pls can you guys stop removing skins. I rly dont see the point of having a ingame store with barley no skins to buy. There has been rly nice skins but i cant understand why its limited. There is no cool/nice skins to buy when the limited time is over. Skins in a game shouldnt be limited time.

IF AGS wanna keep it that way, could you atleast make a even where all the store skins are avb for purchase!?

Another thing that has to be added asap is Gender/Appearance Change.

PLS <3 @Luxendra @Aenwyn @Shadow_Fox @Centeotl

Even = Event*

add it to the list of things that the devs shoot themselves in the foot for every patch. The extra money is there to be made, they just don’t want it apparently.

Thank you for the feedback regarding the skin store.

What skins come to mind when you think about skins that you’ve previously missed out on but would like? :thinking:

Personally id like that white robe skin

That was a twitch drop.

I think there is some pretty solid research showing that limited availability drives purchase, which is probably what AGS is doing with the cash store. I know I’ve bought skins before the timer was out. Not having everything available all the time also adds some individuality to some of the items. Unfortunately, this is counteracted by the relatively small pool of skins and the fact that are only sold in bundles without the option to buy individual pieces.

You know what would allow for self-expression and individuality? Transmog! There’s a long thread with lots of great ideas in it, just need AGS to put a team to work.

Yeah think it’s a tough balance. Limited availability definitely drives sales as people want to get it before it’s gone forever. If they start bringing back skins then people likely to not jump on them as hard when released knowing they are not limited edition. Personally don’t care either way, but might be why they do it. They really should have a larger base set of skins to choose from though, agree that it seems to be mostly limited time items.

Thx for taking time to answear but i cant tell u the name of the skins since there is no way to find them if im not asking ppl who already owns the skins. I just think every store skin should always be in the store for purchase. Fine if you guys wanna keep hallowen skins limited but i dont see any point of having any skins limited. I would rly like to see all skins aviable or like 1 week event where we gets the chance to buy all the skins we want :slight_smile:

But there is 2 Shield skins and 1 musket skin that i know i rly want badly :slight_smile: Dont know the skin names sry.

I would too…if it actually didn’t clip and get stuck like it’s made of plastic.

I feel like giving players anything less while they’re in this state is just burning themselves. Surely they can afford to have a robust cash shop, especially when they’re struggling as is.

Like bench the corporate greed for five seconds here guys, it’s really not the time right now, don’t you think?

Yeah, i missed that when i stopped playing at level 40 and just recently started playing back. I wanted to make my character look like a monk healer type, so that skin would be perfect if we could dye it. The only other robes that looks good (not ridiculous) is the tier 3 robes which is a shame.

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Yes, if we could apply the Tier 3 skin (or any skins) to our carefully collected and perked items, that would be awesome.

So is it possible to just add all the skins into the store or just atleast like an event where We have 1 week to buy all the skins We want? @Centeotl

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