AGS is committing sacrilege with some of these proposed changes!

Its quite simple AGS… reconsider your position in changing the way str works for bruisers, reconsider the nerfing of refreshing move and the nerfs to GA and Warhammer… I for one will just straight up quit and I will take as many bruisers with me! Absolute trash ideas all in name of creating more build diversity? Well over a year into the game and you dare go screwing with how attribute points work? What MMO has done this? All that time spent by bruisers one of the most expensive classes to kit out is just a pure waste now? This is just plain unforgiveable and needs to be addressed… I dont care for people’s comments on thinking taking grit away from str builds is a good idea… so dont even bother repeating those statements in this post


At least give 300str armor pen or something. Heavy attacks is such a bad bonus for 300str, more of a 250 perk


developers 100 percent need to reconsider this… it is not the way forward to creating more build diversity at the expense of classes that are already struggling verse the range meta

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nah, game needed a shakeup and the devs were told from the start don’t make gearing/progression the gatekeep it was/is for pvp.

the fact that they are breaking things this hard while also looking to do it at a seasonal pace and making gearing cheaper/easier is exactly how pvp games should function as it keeps content fresh and allows new builds and ideas to flourish.

everyone will need to re learn the game and everyone will need to get gear but it will be easier to do both w reduced barriers if the notes around how gear acquisition getting easier are trending.

same ole same ole is exactly why the game suffered.

incrementalism wasn’t cutting it and almost every solution was more or less a band aid solution to the decision they handcuffed themselves to the day they removed stagger and sprint from the original combat formula.

it’s why 300 str no longer made sense but it remained because AGS had no way to solve how to keep DMG melee relevant in a mosh pit point control game mode.

ppl will figure out new comps and things will change and then on 3-4 mos it will change again and then on another 3-4 mos it will change again.


Greatsword would like a word

well… look at the mage 300 Int perk… :smiley:

changes arent through yet and if they do go through they face mass exodus of bruisers and who can blame them… nah dont agree with anything you say

you cant just do such a radical shift to an attribute point in any MMO like they are trying to do, its sacrilege and unforgiveable… period

agree to disagree.

I think an exodus was coming either way, if bruisers are truly what is keeping the game alive then I think that’s even more reason to radically shift because it’s clearly handcuffing the developers ability to iterate if held hostage by one class above all others.


Nah these are great changes.


Well said.




Changes are over due.


meta should always be changing, its been this same meta since the beginning of the game, its time to innovate and that’s what they are trying to do. grit should be only for tanky people. you shouldn’t be in light able to swing as much as you want with no repercussions. you shouldnt be able to stun lock people with WH and have those stuns do alot of damage. its a CC ability, if you don’t understand that then this must be your 1st mmo. keep up the cope.


my first mmo? you have no idea and what you say is just garbage rhetoric… it is plain and simple sacrilege to go screwing with all str based builds like is being proposed… AGS will face a mass exodus if this goes ahead and then you will have only dex and ranged to play against… enjoy that bro!

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keep up the cope :slight_smile:

or the status quo? choose your poison

Dude your str build only lost grit, and some damage. Have fun playing balanced now.


To be fair, if this change does go through, uncharged heavy attacks will be the new rule for GA and WH players.

:slight_smile: TAKE THEM ALL :slight_smile:


Any one can say this, ready:

I dont care for people saying this is a bad change.

^ do you think this is a good way to have a conversation :slight_smile: