AGS is committing sacrilege with some of these proposed changes!

also a host of str based weapons run str as their primary attribute and you derive absolutely no benefit (base damage wise) on any of these weapons from con being a secondary attribute… this is plain and simply an unacceptable hard nerf to all bruiser builds and for the peeps who say just adapt there is no adapting to this, it is hard nerf to damage however you look at it

Fair enough, I understand. It’s hard to change. It’s much easier to just call people names and to live in the past :ok_hand:

I wish you all the best for your future in whatever game you decide to play. Throne of liberty looks good but, please be mindful, that game will also have shifting meta and balance updates as well.

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Brussel sprout.

is not calling someone a crybaby name calling? whatever bro you do you and I will do me

my post I will always have the last word

We’ll see about that :ok_hand:

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Don’t let him have the final word, Saint_Dale! Quickly, say something insanely abusive to get the post locked!

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Haha , that could backfire. Besides, theirs enough toxic content on these forums already without me adding to it :ok_hand: thanks for letting me know though, that reply snuck past me! The cheeky devil


Actually they already have. I have a build that likely has more hours put into it than you have total. This particular build was nerfed so hard it is completely useless now. You don’t see me crying about it on forums. I’m still here playing the game.

As said before… Bye Felicia

Hey AGS, how about removing all stagger from non-abilities. Thanks.

The proposed STR/CON changes are actually creating a brand new class. It’s a CC class. And STR will now become a kind of DPS class. STR is no longer the bruiser. And I’m actually kind of OK with it. But as far as scoring and points go in wars/OPR/PVP of any kind. They need to start scoring for crowd control and damage mitigation. Tanking, stunning, point capture etc. It could be an incredibly lucrative and vital update. IF they actually reward people for playing support roles. Which they’ve never done or even feigned showing interest in doing.

It should also be a vital part of mutation scoring. Currently you couldn’t get invited to a mutation running any kind of CC build unless you’re a glass cannon. Which is counter intuitive.

But I could like the direction they are going if they actually follow through with rewarding support classes.

Refreshing move is only nerfed in aoe situations, its still exceptionally good for any other situation.

If you are talking about the ability nerfs, these “changes” are not “nerfs” they are correcting a long problem in the game, namely, to make abilities all part of a classification. If you did not notice, the abilities in new world have colors.

Ever wonder what those colors mean?

They have a very specific reason they are colored that way. Purple abilities, like shockwave etc are utility/cc based abilities, not damage.

The fact that you have been using cc abilities as a damage source is a problem that is fundamentally against the game. This was correction to that problem, not a nerf to the weapon.

Second and more important point
something you are also over looking is the armor values and defenses were changed in a way that stabilizes all damage. So if before it took you 30 seconds to kill, and the cc abilities were reduced so it takes you 35 seconds the over all nerf is not that big, and it corrected a problem.

You are looking at this with the mindset of current live defenses, and that has changed a lot.

People will play ga/wh because it will be needed for the cc, but it wont be the primary damage dealer in war comp. They will have to change to things like exceute or armor breaker for that.

People think this is slowing down the meta but iv seen the changes live in person on ptr and killing people is much faster, in fact iv seen bruisers duel and almost fully kill someone in a single rotation.

As a bruiser, I love the upcoming changes.

It’s expected that we will have to get new gear every 3 months or so, if you thought you only had to get gear once in the life cycle of an MMO then you have never played an MMO before lol.

Bruisers will be fine after the patch, it’s just separating dps and CC abilities for the most part, which means bruisers will still be able to do the role they were created for… to hold points, to group up enemies and CC them long enough for the dps roles (Mages and dex) to kill the enemies.

Bruisers were never intended to be able to do all of that mentioned above plus dps, it just involved into that due to certain choices made since launch, with these upcoming changes bruisers will be going back to how they were at launch.

I am merely pointing out that this works both ways. I don’t agree with anything you say either.

A mass exodus of bruisers leaving the game is highly unlikely, prefabricated lies plucked out of thin air to overly ephasise a point.

That’s why I don’t agree with anything you say.

Sure, there will be agrieved players and those that are upset will likely change their characters to a class that now better suits their new game style.

Should anyone leave the game altogether would be a personal choice but I do not believe it would be in the realms of a mass exodus.

No matter what changes have been implemented over the last 18 months players of all classes have been hit. Some feel, harder than others. I believe that for a gaming experience that has cost what £45 for 18 months game play that AGS has certainly held my attention.

Long may that last regardless of how many changes it takes in their strive to offer the community a better (or worse depending on your viewpoint) game play.