AGS is doing a great job in comparrison give zthem some credit

Ok, I wanted to make this post because this has been a consistent problem for me and I wanted to see how others felt about this.

During this whole epic ride that is the New World hype train I have been constantly nagged and annoyed at the screaming for AGS to do this or do that RYT NOW if anyone here has more than say 10 years of MMO experience we all know these games have bots still today and issues in balance persisting since beta when these games are YEARS old and made by BIG companies to AGS credit they have been responding and repairing any issues, they find far more vigorously and thoroughly then any other company in the genre I have played for over 20 years in MMOs and NEVER once have I see a game company that a large corporation move so swiftly to correct said issues I guess I’m just saying give they guys a fucking break and thank them for what you do have cause other games and companies care a fuck tonne less than AGS has appeared to about getting issues resolved quickly there still humans with work hours doing what they can within the restrictions provided so WELL DONE AGS KEEP IT UP

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