AGS Is Going Directly Against what they Assured Us Wouldn't Happen by Merging RTA and Legacy - (screenshots first two comments)

When many of us decided to partake in the RTA event we did it with the intention of continuing to play that character after the event ended. A big part of this for a lot of players was to play at ground level with everyone at the same starting point in an economy that hadn’t been altered by dupes/glitches. We were told directly by AGS that “Moving forward, they (RTA servers) will be treated the same as fresh start worlds”.

Titan has been scraping by with a population of under 300 at all hours of the day (mostly towns downgraded, no OPR, etc.). Some of us have kept going in hopes that we would get merged with another fresh start world or xfers would be allowed, we thought worst case we’d have our own small pop server. Instead, we’re getting a scenario none of us even thought was possible which is having us merged into the very servers we left in the first place.

The reason given is that these worlds are somehow more in line with legacy servers? I would love to hear an explanation on this, how can an economy around for an entire year, filled with videod glitches/dupes/etc. be more similar to an RTA server which started at the exact same time as fresh start. It’s stated that the merge would negatively impact the economies of the other fresh start servers. I don’t know if any devs have looked at titan but any ori node/ironwood node/etc. is open at all hours of the day, we wouldn’t be bringing in some unstable force to the economy of other RTA servers.

Please AGS allow us to at least xfer our fresh start characters before this merge. A lot of people have put weeks of playtime into these new characters being told they would be treated as fresh start characters. Many of us left characters with hundreds of hours on the legacy servers because we wanted to be on a fresh start server. If you merge these new characters back you’re essentially telling the players who promoted the game during RTA that the last month they spent playing the game is on a useless character.




Please don’t merge us into Legacy. It makes no sense whatsoever. Don’t do it.


Many of us returned to the game specifically to avoid being on a server that had bugs and dupes ruin it for us. We chose RTA servers as it was stated they would not be merged into a Legacy server. If many of us knew this ahead of time we would have chosen FS servers.

AGS NEEDS TO ALLOW RTA server players to transfer to FS servers before the server merge or many will quit NW once again.

Trust is important in gaming, and violating this will not grow a player base.


Don’t merge RTA servers into LEGACY! PLEASE!!!


Why did new world bait us in with an event just to pull the rug and make us go to legacy? I was about to start on a regular fresh start server then I saw the RTA event and thought it may be fun to play in it… so I did that. No where did it say warning this server will be merged back into legacy the very servers you want to avoid. I would have never joined the event if I knew that. It has already been bad enough that I joined the event and now have been playing a dead server for weeks as a consequence. No one wants to play legacy… the only reason us RTA players came back was to be in a separate server than the legacy people who have duped for gold ect… Nobody on my RTA server is going to continue playing new world if they make us go in a server that been running since new world came out. This is ridiculous they pulled the classic bait and switch. Losing more players is the last thing new world need.


BUMP Absolutely unacceptable. They told us explicitly this would not happen.


At least give us the option for a paid transfer to another fresh start server. Do not punish us for participating in RTA and send us to a legacy server. We would have to start all over again in order to be on a fresh start.

AGS lied, wasted our time, and is disrespecting us as a player base.

The logic that we are too far ahead to be on a regular fresh start server is incorrect. We are not ahead of them. We don’t even have wars on Death, we barely get OPRs to pop. We are behind other fresh starts, not ahead of them.

Send us to a fresh start.

Why are the RTA servers being forced to merge with legacy? I think most of us understand that merges need to happen but please just combine us with one of the other fresh start servers. At minimum, give us the chance to transfer out of the RTA server to another fresh start server. You could even allow us to transfer to legacy at will, just don’t force us to go to legacy. What a disappointment this event will have been for me if my RTA character ends up on a legacy server.

*Edit: How did we gain any substantial benefit from the RTA event? There were no buffs given to our servers over the other fresh start servers. Half of the RTA servers didn’t even complete the 3rd tier of tasks. Many of the tasks were things we would not prioritize if it wasn’t for the event. I know Titan is sitting here with Tier 2 for a large portion of our stations. Many of our players didn’t even get day 1 access to these servers. How is this more in line with a server that has been around for a year than servers that started the same time ours did.

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I’m sorry but this is a stubborn and stupid decision, and goes against reality of what is for what you want to be reality.

You want all these fresh servers but lack the people to fill them, which is a poor management decision, as people will just wind up quitting the game.


If there was 1 fresh start server left dying I would agree with you. That’s not the case, there are plenty of people playing fresh start just spread out. Fresh start should merge with fresh start and legacy with legacy. The only scenario fresh start should possibly get merged with legacy is if there’s only 1 fresh start server left on a region and that server is dead. We’re nowhere near that scenario.


This is the first server I’ve ever joined. I have around 20 hours in, grinding and meeting new people. Why would this be ruined by merging with a legacy server? I don’t want the chat to be spammed with bots and have an economy that means nothing. This is quite literally the most hurtful thing I’ve seen done to a community in a game. And I played ALOT of rust…


If you came from the shitshow of rust to the shitshow that this is thinking AGS changed from last year to this year I’m so sorry. I come from wow so I also know how it feels to be dicked around lol


RTA servers evolved differently to regular Fresh Start servers so I can see how economies may have developed at a different pace, or less “organically” given they had some time-limited objectives to meet which often required intensive funnelling of resources to select individuals or activities.

Saying that though, AGS set the objectives and the conditions that RTA servers would operate under so they should have been much clearer about whether they would be treated as Legacy or FSS once the event finished so players could make informed decisions.

I fully empathise with players who though they were getting a chance at a new home only to be faced with an influx of potential legacy-player issues

100% agree

Bump… AGS don’t merge us with Legacy…

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This is not only going back on something that AGS explicitly stated would not happen, but is also screwing over some of their most dedicated players that grinded the shit out of a poorly designed and not very fun event to help promote the game. I’m genuinely floored by what a slap in the face this is to every single long time player who seriously participated in the RTA event. That is 125+ hours of brutal, burnout inducing grinding that I will never get back. What the actual fuck.

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RTA to legacy is being delayed in case anyone missed it per this:

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