AGS Is Going Directly Against what they Assured Us Wouldn't Happen by Merging RTA and Legacy - (screenshots first two comments)

Well, not so true.

Somebody at AGS did indeed equate RTA with FSS.

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Nope, they are really not quite the same due to who was invited to them and what their purpose was.

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unfortunate rumour

Why you ask? Because…

“The powers that be” are the biggest trolls of New World.

I love how you fabricate this stuff right in posts where people link to you where AGS has specifically stated that RTA servers were ALSO fresh servers and would be treated as such.


Plus RTA was invite only and led by streamers.

Post it again for me please. I dont see anything in this thread that says that. Maybe I missed it.

Actually, here is what AGS said:

Q: Are Fresh Start Worlds the same as Return to Aeternum Worlds?

A: We will be releasing Fresh Start Worlds at the same time as Return to Aeternum Worlds. At the start, Return to Aeternum servers will be reserved for event participants, but once Return to Aeternum ends, they will be accessible to the public.

“did not play by the same rules” And what do you even mean by this nonsense? Because some people got mats funneled to achieve objectives its not a fresh start?

“Are you allowed to naked win trade pvp kills on fresh start servers> Because you were allowed to on RTA servers without reprocussions.”

So because this was done for a few hours to achieve an objective the server is ruined and at some sort of unfair advantage or what? If anything, there have mostly been disadvantages.

They are FSS. Have nothing to do with legacy servers and the amount of time people have spent there, not to mention the problems.

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but is anyone playing on them?

@Penfold Dude everyone sees you’re trolling at this point. Evidence clearly presented AGS said RTA = fresh start AND fresh start will never be merged in the first two comments. Now you’re trying to say “is anyone playing on them” as a reason they aren’t fss lol? Go troll somewhere else


So still no news for us here, huh…

So to be fair they did not say anything about the event servers merges, they did not refer to the event servers as fresh start servers either.

I guess something along the way changed their plans and now with the uprising of ppl complaining they fixing it.

This is one of the reasons I did not go to fresh starts and still mainly play in legacy servers.

If you look at the objectives completed on each RTA server, and just consider that every person on that server was participating in concerted efforts to complete them. They are miles ahead of fresh starts.

On paper, their achievements and time spent in game is probably much closer to legacy than fresh start. Probably why the decision was made initially to do it. They are completely different creatures, 500 people acting in a concerted manner to complete gatherable, and objectives without a spend focused economy would absolutely wreck a fresh start server.

No idea what they actually plan on doing to address it, but i would figure the easiest thing would to be merging the RTA servers with each other for the time being. But i can also see why they don’t want to keep the community fragmented like this.

Eventually -Eventually- there will not be enough distinction between legacy and RTA or fresh start to keep the barriers. So that’s a tough call to make, i’m sure.

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It’s amazing what a few people can accomplish in a couple of weeks, apparently its comparable to what more people can do in a year.

Not entirely accurate. They also said RTAs would be treated like Fresh Start servers…which is why no one can transfer to any of them.

500 people all acting toward a singular goal, or objective =/= 2500 people willy nilly doing their own thing. It’s difficult to even compare to anything.

since the server was objective based for the entirety of the events till now, everyone on those servers are loaded to the gills with resources that would have otherwise been in the market on other servers. Guessing the reasoning is that this would be much less disruptive on legacy servers with established economies than it would be flooding a fresh server economy.

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@Pointe presented evidence and I said I was wrong.

Im saying FSS did not live up to hype they were given and that is why they are failing.

This does not foster a friendly and positive community.

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You are categorically wrong and i am sure there is no way you are playong on one of the RTA servers. We are waaaaaaaaay behind regular FSS. The first m8+ expeditions in Death server were completed last week. Regular FSS were doing them week 2.

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I assure you that you are wrong. Clearly you were not part of the event, or you would know better.


Maybe you’re right, i don’t know anything and they are just doing this for no reason whatsoever :woman_shrugging: I really appreciate the clarity.

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