AGS is paying for Positive Reviews

Days of negative reviews, THEN PEOPLE POSTED ABOUT IT, which PROMPTS OTHER PLAYERS who are still enjoying the game to go post positive reviews to defend it from the review bombing - it is not a difficult concept to grasp. First time?

People are bad at reviewing, the game is great and bad at the same time, or rather different aspects have different qualities.
I admit that I avoid like 50 % content, because it is not fun at the moment, but I really do enjoy the rest.
And I have hard time believing people with 300+ hours that they did have no fun at all the whole time.
It is not perfect, servers are down too often for too long imho and there are still some serious and less serious issues, so I can understand some criticism, but the game, just like the world is neither black nor white.

True. There was literally a thread in these forums telling people to go write a negative review.


Did not see that post, also why are people in this thread just reposting the same thing they just said like it wasn’t read lol

like ORGANIC is something to treasure… sure it’s organic pfft lol

My negative review was organic, and had no other influence.
When they fix the game, and get things in order, then I will update the review to reflect that.

In call of duty, people think “every year they hate the new game & praise the one hated last year” - they think it is everyone. In reality, you have 2 fanbases in call of duty: You have the black ops fans & the Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer style game fans. When black ops comes out, IW/SHG fans hate black ops & say “who is staying in WWII/MW2, 3, 2019” or what have you. Then WWII, MW3, MW2019 get released & black ops fans say “This game is trash, who is staying in Black Ops 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 with us?” - this New World review thing is similar. You got people who complained until certain things were nerfed while also a bad handling of some exploits apparently - those people are pissed, leaving bad reviews out of nowhere, quitting the game, spitting venom on it & then some are posting screenshots of review charts for the game - call those the black ops players. THEN, the new world equivalent of IW/SHG players see it & go “Oh hell no, this game is awesome, they nerfed this or that as it should be” in their eyes, so they are then prompted to go leave positive reviews in an attempt to offset or bury the negative reviews.

Any person who decides on a game based on steam reviews is a turd no matter how you slice it. For these specific reasons in this post. You go watch videos of people playing it “is it worth it?” videos & you make your decision that way - by actually watching the game, seeing what people are saying & you watch several videos to make sure it is not just a paid influencer tricking you. You watch not only flashy-thumbnail popular vids but also videos from total amateurs. You make a decision based on the gameplay video itself & take what the people say with a grain of salt. This should be helpful to a lot of people, enjoy.

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The last one the guy tries to claim he’s not saying to write a negative review… but… it’s definitely implied.

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putting this game on steam was one of the biggest mistakes they made, to be frank. They have twitch, they have amazon itself, they have the ability to push it so many places. So many other stores, could have been on all of them. They are Amazon so they will be scrutinized more than anyone else - steam reviews & the steam community itself are toxic af. It was a mistake to put this game on steam at all. The only good reason to put an MMO on steam is the built-in overlay to use a browser when you are lost or do not know what to do. Biggest mistake they made, in my eyes, was putting it on steam before it was proven by its own merits, especially when they basically own twitch.

Every one of those posts are pathetic as all hell, too. “Think like me. Do as I do. We need to band together & bash!” - pathetic. It is that leftist mentality. They will gather others like them & here we are. Same story in so many aspects of society today, online & off.


Dude, you have been playing for a few days, so your opinion of the game lacks tons of information. Right now you are a tourist and everything seems bright and shiny.

I left a negative review, and did so for good reason. I was not angry over a single thing I was fed up at constant bugs since launch, with every patch breaking more things than it fixes. I was annoyed they implemented a PTS (test) server but then released changes into Live without using said test server. I am annoyed they asked for feedback but then released changes directly counter to the feedback provided. I am annoyed they talked about increased communication but then somehow patch notes excluded all the balance changes that would likely be controversial. I am annoyed that they screw up every single thing they touch. I am annoyed that for 6 weeks the harvesting Luck was (secretly) broken and actually punishing people for having high luck. I am annoyed that since launch I was playing a Fire Mage and logically expecting Fireball to Crit (since that entire tree has crit buffs) and it didn’t. I could list a hundred other things as well. (ok, more like 20-30, but still)

This game has major issues that become apparent the longer you play. It also has issues you might not personally experience but still exist for others. Like the fact that dozens of servers have a peak of < 100 players which completely breaks a majority of the games content. Wars, invasions, Outpost Rush, all worthless. Even crafting is broken for them as there aren’t enough people to upgrade the stations. Some servers have completely imbalanced factions which can ruin gameplay. And so on.

So just because you, in your own little world with zero knowledge of what has been going on since launch are have fun doesn’t mean the game isn’t broken. It doesn’t mean all the people leaving bad reviews are trolls angrily review bombing.

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I don’t hear the negativity in the game… just in the forums. (I don’t frequent Reddit or steam forums, but I can’t imagine they’re any different)


I had to change my positive review to negative after this last rollback. Everyone agrees this game has the potencial to be great, but let’s be frank here, this has to be the worst staff/management/dev team that ever was put together in this industry, and i’m now extremely skeptical they will make it far.

I will update my ingame review in the future, but i will hold on to see the future 2 major patches and i expect to see a ton more profissionalism and overall compentence out of this company if they wana earn my trust back.

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Well, there is a fault in our communication because I am talking about the broad review bombing going on. I should do better at addressing my opinion of Your own concerns which should not be undermined - you have stated you love the game & are upset about all these things you list. You have a legit point of view individually - real bugs, real problems - I bet your review says you love the game or want to love it but these issues are making that hard. This is a lot different than a lot of the people who are mad about how changes specifically effected their strats. Make sense? I am not saying YOU are wrong or your opinions & experience are invalid, not at all. I am saying the positive reviews are a response to people posting about it being review bombed & “game dying, look at these reviews” then the people who like the game are like “oh hell no, I am going to post a positive review to combat this!” - that kind of thing. I am talking about the bombing & reverse-bombing. I know you like the game or want to continue to like it, now I have more info about specifics than I had before - seems like you have valid concerns to me.

It is true I am still honeymooning in the game, I am judging it on overall design & game loop. I have only PVE so far & it is scratching my MMO itch I have not been able to scratch for several years now - I can admit I am new at it so it is still shiny to me, however, it has massive potential because the foundational aspects of the game’s design are strong. You already know that & you are concerned about its future because you care about it - which is awesome. So I reiterate from earlier, I really hope your input gets noticed because you do not seem like these review bombers who are trying to kill the game just because they are mad their healer is no longer OP or whatever other thing took them out of their comfort zone & made other people happy - you are talking about bugs & serious problems in a way that shows how hard it can be to launch an MMO. It seems like it is a rocky start but I think we both agree that, provided they get their “stuff” together, this game could be a long-lasting great title.

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LMAO! the green wooden dogs takes level 100 logging to chop and give you wyrdwood instead of skin. But they are bugged and disabled for now.

They aren’t pay enough then.

Would not be surprised. . .

Nope. AGS is not paying for reviews. It is just that Steam Awards think why there is so big number of positive reviews in that one day. :wink:

I’ll leave a review now not that it matters, I never review games i just drop out but i had high hope’s for a rpgmmo being made with today’s technology and what not and this game which i have really tried to enjoy is not enjoyable one bit with all the bugs/lack of devs/mods communication, sneaking backdoor fixes in that break the game beyond being playable and once again disabling the economy this has a major impact on a player driven economy game, if the game had NPC traders to sell items to things like this would not be a issue, any one who thinks this is not a issue go get the best gear you can get for your level go break it and the gear in your inventory then try and repair it try that a few times and all your gold is gone because the salvage aspect of the game gives things like 1.50 gold to scrap a item and way less like 0.50 if damaged to scrape then add over 300 gold to repair one item that’s broken that you need/use makes the game unplayable just this issue, then factor in storage no one wants 20 storage spaces darted around the map and spending a whole day travelling and sorting things out because you cant sell items.

This is the tip of the ice burg for me if it’s not fixed today I’ll be leaving a negative review, it’s not that I have tried to not play and play around issues it’s just the issues cant be played around.

I’ll give them a positive review for £300 euro per comment.

My price is high because the game is complete trash atm.

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by George Soros of course.

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It’s funny…haters just can’t believe there’s people that actually don’t care if there are bugs or not and just play the game and wait for those to be fixed…

See it this way, while you were bombing negative reviews, the white knights or however you guys wanna label us, were actually playing the game…

Since servers were down, we made a visit to steam to show our love and support :heart: