AGS, just create an always flagged server already

I’m fine with where I’m at, but people still want forced flagging.

Just make an always Flagged PvP server and make a Full Loot PvP permo flagged server so that these players that wanted your original concept can go do that while we can enjoy the game that it is now.

They said that they didn’t want to split their focus by doing that.

Then focus on what we have and have these side servers that don’t control balances and meta. They’re just there for people that want it but the game shouldn’t be based off them at all in any slight way.

Thats not really an option imo. Like if they opened up a new server tomorrow that was full loot PvP, do you not think that they would have some balancing to do on that server? Which is exactly what they’re trying to avoid doing on top of developing new PvP/PvE content.

Anyway im just telling you what the cms told us awhile ago

Splitting the community is the worst thing AGS can do.

No transferring to the server, only create a character on it and specifically state no balancing will be done on said server for it’s individuality it will be the same as the rest of the game and will have no impact on future patches geared for it.

Then boom, open it up and anyone who wants the ape version of New World starts a new character, and camps all the new people trying to play as well. Then the server dies.

They’ll play it for a bit then realize it’s dog shit and come back to normal and they wont be bitching about it anymore. :upside_down_face:

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