AGS lack of communication during server merge

For past merges, have they ever tried merging into a live server?

For example, Pluto is offline and merging into CoS which is online.

They’re transferring a lot of data from one database which is “off” into a database that is “on”

This would be like if hundreds of thousands of people tried using a transfer token simultaneously. They’re transferring more than just active players, but all the dead player data too since launch.

Yeah and they were likely sure of the information they gave you.

If they don’t have accurate information it’s better if they focus on the task at hand and get the information out when they can give a proper update.

Yes they could do mergers and updates at better hours but again people would just cry more that NA prime time is being wasted.

There is no appeasing this community.

lol they could easily be appeased if AGS gave a response instead of saying nothing for 8 hours. Nothing wrong with the players. any other mmo woulda gave an update hours ago.

Guys, get used to the fact that no one will hold your hand all the time while you are bored.
It will be the norm once you are grown up.

Hm, looks like that I am not the only one with the same suspicions of the “merge process”. I think they are granting internally a free transfer token to each char on the donor server and then a transfer to the corresponding host server is being forced. Slower, but much safer way. Merging a live DB with cold one is much riskier as the bulk data transfer is almost impossible to be controlled to such extent.

It is mentioned in the “Dev” tab under maintence #5 I think it was, the 5th response in the line up of that post. [Downtime] Summer PTR - Update #5

“Maintenance is taking a little longer than expected. We will post an update when maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience and understanding!” dated 13 hours ago

BUT it was said it was done so he was correct…sorta and it’s the ptr downtime not server merge

“Nothing wrong with the players” except dat entitlement. FFS, let the people do their job instead o wasting their time demanding meaningless updates with the sole purpose of getting your participation medal.

that’s the ptr not merges m8

I don’t understand why they don’t just “unlink” players who are inactive. Have them pick a server when they come back.

Devs have stated in the past that housing data effected the servers, and one criteria for locking a server is housing data from too many people.

Every time we merge, that’s exponentially more data on the remaining servers.

The problem is that they cannot predict when a “dead” char will become alive again. So they have to move everything.

Edit: Plus now they are merging clusters, while the previous merges were internal. So I guess is that they are propagating the transfer process on a greater scale.

But I think that is what he was thinking about…I caught that as well and went to change/add to my comment but you got it first heheheheh

Jesus I didn’t think creating this post would create such a shit show. All I asked was for more comms from the dev team. But seems like I’ve scratched one too many nerves out there…


yeah man don’t worry about it. nothing wrong with the post

Yes, communication can be improved 100%, there’s no denying that.

But the CM team is not the development team; likewise, the devs aren’t the CM team. It’s very likely the dev team working on the mergers doesn’t even have those capabilities to post announcements or to socials.

All we can hope for is that they hear the need to more effectively communicate.

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Nothing wrong with the post bud, people making their opinions/feelings known and waiting to see if any member of NW or AGS will respond. It’s cool man

How has the CM team posted the new estimated times for every other delayed merge before this then?

Or maybe a lot of people have been part of a support team at a certain point of their lives and they are sick and tired of entitled "IDemandToKnow"ers :slight_smile:

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That’s why they get paid to do a job right?

CM work isn’t volunteering

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They post the information they have been provide by the corresponding team. If they have not been provided with info, this means that there is nothing yet to be provided. Call it common sense.

yes and the whole post is that it’s surprising that there is no new information 7 hours after the estimated time…